Mobile gamers embrace ads for rewards and more

A recent survey conducted by Monetizr, an in-game ad experience platform, has shed light on the diverse world of mobile gaming and how gamers perceive in-game advertising. The study, based on responses from over 207,000 mobile gamers, offers insights that can assist brand marketers in crafting effective strategies to engage and retain their gaming audience.

Contrary to traditional stereotypes, the survey revealed a significant shift in mobile gaming demographics. It found that 43% of the respondents belonged to the Boomer or GenX age groups, challenging the notion that gaming is primarily for the younger generation. Meanwhile, 40% of participants were from the GenZ and younger age brackets, and 17% represented millennials. Importantly, more than half (51%) of these gamers identified as female, showcasing the gender diversity in the mobile gaming community.

The survey revealed mobile gaming as a powerful media channel, with 31.43% of respondents playing games for over five hours daily, making it an attractive space for advertisers. Additionally, 60% of gamers reported playing two to four hours daily, and 30.27% spent up to an hour on their favorite games, highlighting mobile gaming’s broad appeal.

Player preferences for in-game advertising varied, with 49.28% of respondents feeling that ad placement, whether integrated into gameplay or separate, didn’t significantly impact their gaming experience. This flexibility offers advertisers various options for ad integration.

Concerning ad format, 26.17% preferred ads seamlessly integrated into gameplay, while 24.55% liked distinct ads, underscoring the importance of balancing advertising with gameplay.

The survey showed that 44.86% of players were open to engaging with in-game ads offering real-world rewards or discounts, providing opportunities for advertisers to add value.

Regarding Free-to-Play (F2P) games, 15.68% might discontinue gameplay if publishers continued to use ads, while 44% would keep playing, with 19.57% showing interest in clicking on ads for further exploration.

In terms of ad integration formats, 28.15% felt that whether an ad was seamlessly integrated or separate didn’t matter. Furthermore, 28.65% favored the immersive “reward center experience,” highlighting the potential for innovative ad formats.

In summary, the survey offers valuable insights for brand marketers navigating the dynamic landscape of mobile gaming. With 3.2 billion mobile gamers worldwide, this digital marketplace offers significant opportunities for advertisers to reach a diverse and engaged audience. These findings align with recent predictions, as in August, and IDC forecasted that more than half (56%) of global gaming expenditures in 2023 would be directed toward mobile games. This underscores the increasing prominence of mobile gaming and its appeal to both gamers and advertisers.

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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