Female gamers account for 37% of all gamers in Asia -Niko Partners

Image Source: Niko Partners

Female gamers now account for 37% of all gamers in Asia and their number is currently growing at a rate of 11% per year, which is nearly two times more than that of male gamers, according to a new report from Niko Partners. 

They also currently account for nearly 23.5% of the total revenue for the Asian games market, but the research firm notes that this figure is expected to more than double in size in the upcoming years as their number approaches that of male gamers.

When it comes to their gaming habits, 95% of female Asian gamers play titles on mobile. However, the report also suggests that there is still room for growth for the PC and console gaming markets, and recommends developers to publish their titles on all three platforms to maximize their reach.

Meanwhile, the top 5 gaming genres among female players in Asia include Puzzle (39.2%), MOBA (26.9%), Battle Royale (20.3%), Simulation (14.4%), and RPG (11.1%).

Furthermore, more than 50% of female gamers who participated in Niko Partners’ survey said that they are not satisfied with how women are portrayed in games, adding that there should be a more diverse representation of female appearances in game characters and avatars.

In a statement, Niko Partners CEO and Founder Lisa Hanson said: “The female gamers segment is a formidable force in the video games market. We are seeing rising awareness on the benefits of incorporating a female-friendly approach to game development and marketing strategies. Companies seeking to enter or expand in the Asian market should consider hiring women that can help shape future game titles, create marketing campaigns, and influence the portrayal of women in video games.” 

According to another recent report from Niko Partners, China’s 2023 game approvals are set to surpass the last two years combined. Earlier this year, the company also announced its prediction that MENA-3 games revenue will rise by 56% to $2.79 billion in 2026.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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