Meta unveils AI-powered video editing tools for Facebook and Instagram

In a move to enhance user creativity and engagement, Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has introduced cutting-edge AI-powered creative tools. These tools, built on Meta’s foundational model for image generation called Emu, aim to revolutionize the way users edit photos and create videos on social media platforms.

The first tool, named “Emu Edit,” stands out with its ability to allow users to make precise alterations to images based on simple text inputs. Unlike traditional editing tools that often require manual selection of specific areas in an image, Emu Edit leverages its AI capabilities to intelligently identify and modify elements within a photo based on natural language prompts. For example, a user can type a request like “turn the cat into a dog,” and Emu Edit will accurately recognize the cat in the image and execute the transformation, showcasing Meta’s commitment to user-friendly and innovative editing experiences.

The second tool, “Emu Video,” leaps into the realm of video creation. This feature generates dynamic four-second videos in response to various prompts such as captions, photos, or images paired with descriptions. By integrating Emu Video, Meta aims to provide users with a seamless and creative way to produce high-quality videos for their social media profiles.

These AI-powered tools not only streamline the editing process but also open up new possibilities for users with limited graphic design experience. The demonstration of Emu Edit suggests that users can request specific edits without delving into the complexities of manual selection, offering a more intuitive and accessible editing experience.

As Meta continues to invest in generative AI technologies, these tools represent the latest strides in the company’s quest to provide users with innovative features that leverage the power of artificial intelligence. The integration of Emu Edit and Emu Video aligns with Meta’s broader strategy to position itself as a leader in the rapidly evolving landscape of social media and digital content creation.

In line with Meta’s AI investments, in September, it was reported that the tech giant was internally testing AI chatbots called Gen AI Personas. These AI personalities are intended to rejuvenate user engagement, particularly among young audiences.

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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