Gaming marketer Livewire launches ad tech platform Gameview

Livewire, a global gaming marketing firm, has introduced Gameview, an adtech platform that serves as a comprehensive access point for marketers aiming to connect with gamers. This newly launched platform integrates exclusive gaming media, advanced targeting capabilities, real-time effectiveness metrics, and a creative studio.

Within Gameview, advertisers have the capability to identify their target audience from the expansive pool of over 2 billion diverse gamers worldwide accessible through the platform each month. Additionally, they can construct and deploy compelling creative campaigns that establish authentic connections with the audience. This is made possible through contextually relevant and personalized messages, Livewire said.

Gameview operates across multiple platforms, encompassing mobile, PC, console, cloud gaming, and esports. It supports various formats, including display, video, and audio. The platform’s adaptability extends to targeting all three IAB gaming environments: in-game, around the game, and away from the game. This ensures that advertising is delivered precisely where it holds the most significance.

Indy Khabra, Co-Founder and Media, Data & Technology Lead at Livewire, said: “Livewire continues to innovate and pioneer gaming marketing as we strengthen our global leading position. With the launch of our proprietary adtech platform Gameview, we’re helping clients discover who their targeted gaming audience is, and then enabling a meaningful connection via the right device and at the best time, while being non-intrusive to game play.”

“Gaming is the new gravity of marketing, and we need to ensure that we help brands, publishers and gamers experience a positive outcome that meets the needs of all. Gameview enables that at a global scale and is already delivering for blue chip brands,” said Khabra. “Gameview’s innovations in areas such as attention measurement, partner integration, and having a granular view of the gamer will ensure Livewire remains at the forefront of gaming technology innovation delivering incremental value for marketers.”

Founded in March 2021, Livewire  is a global gametech company that merges one of the most extensive in-game media inventories globally with top-tier gaming strategy and creative execution. Back in February, the company announced partnership with Israel-based in-game ad company Anzu for Germany.

The global in-game advertising market is undergoing substantial expansion, expected to reach a valuation of $94.53 billion this year. Projections indicate a further increase to $145.5 billion by 2027, reflecting an annual growth rate of 11%.

In August, the in-game advertising platform Monetizr raised $4 million. In June, Anzu completed a $48 million Series B  funding round, bringing its total funding to $65 million. Last year in October, London-based in-game advertising and video game monetization platform Bidstack raised $11 million in a funding round. 

Written by Jordan Bevan


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