IBM suspends ads on X following company ads appeared next to pro-Nazi posts

IBM has suspended advertising on X due to a report revealing that the tech company’s ads were displayed alongside antisemitic content on the platform.

Media watchdog Media Matters discovered that corporate ads from IBM, Apple, Oracle, and Comcast’s Xfinity were appearing alongside antisemitic content.

“IBM has zero tolerance for hate speech and discrimination and we have immediately suspended all advertising on X while we investigate this entirely unacceptable situation,” IBM said in a statement shared with outlets.

In a post on Thursday, X CEO Linda Yaccarino emphasized the company’s unequivocal commitment to combating antisemitism and discrimination, stating, “There’s no place for it anywhere in the world—it’s ugly and wrong. Full stop.”

IBM’s choice to suspend advertising on X follows Musk’s actions on Wednesday when he amplified and brought attention to an antisemitic post on X, accompanied by statements that faced criticism from various quarters. In a particular post, Musk scrutinized the Anti-Defamation League, accusing the nonprofit of “unjustly attacking the majority of the West, despite the majority of the West supporting the Jewish people and Israel.”

Written by Sophie Blake


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