X CEO Linda Yaccarino shares key insights on X user behavior and growth

X (formerly known as Twitter) CEO Linda Yaccarino made an appearance at Khanference in Dallas, where she shared valuable insights into X user behavior and growth trends for 2023. Yaccarino presented key statistics that offer valuable information for social media strategists and outreach planning.

Yaccarino highlighted that X users are dedicating more time to the app, aligning with owner Elon Musk’s repeated references to “cumulative user seconds per day.” While this metric may not provide a precise measure of individual engagement, it suggests a positive trend.

Notably, video content consumption on X has surged by 20%. X’s emphasis on video aligns with broader industry trends emphasizing the significance of video content for enhancing reach and engagement.

Yaccarino revealed that nearly 200 million Gen Z users access X monthly, comprising a substantial 40% of X’s user base. This data underscores X’s potential as a platform to connect with younger audiences, challenging TikTok and Instagram‘s dominance in this space.

Contrary to recent data discrepancies, Yaccarino confirmed to TechCrunch that X facilitates over 500 million posts per day. This figure is further broken down to reveal that there are 100 million original posts daily, alongside 100 million post replies and a significant 300 million quote posts and reposts. While this clarifies the posting activity, it highlights that X users, on average, share just 0.4 wholly original posts daily.

Yaccarino stated that X is witnessing a 4% YoY increase in new sign-ups, indicating growing enthusiasm for the platform. Despite this influx, the total number of daily active users does not appear to grow significantly, possibly due to the removal of spam and bot accounts.

As X develops its ad revenue-sharing program, there’s a surge in interest from creators. Yaccarino noted a tenfold increase in creators signing up for the program since its launch in June. X has already paid out almost $20 million to creators through this scheme.

Last week, Yaccarino was at Code Conference 2023 and shared that X is “just about break even” and could turn a profit in early 2024

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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