Meta introduces AI tools for ad creatives

In a bid to enhance its advertising capabilities, Meta has unveiled a trio of AI-powered tools that will soon be accessible to advertisers through its Ads Manager. These tools are part of Meta’s AI Sandbox initiative, which serves as a testing ground for pioneering AI features before broader deployment. A select group of advertisers and media buyers, including Publicis, has been collaborating with Meta to test these tools, offering invaluable insights during the development phase.

Meta’s three AI-driven tools making their way to Ads Manager include:

Text Variation Tool: This tool generates multiple versions of ad copy to cater to different target audiences, simplifying the process of tailoring messages for specific demographics.

Background Generation Tool: Designed to streamline ad creation, this tool automatically produces various background images that complement different products based on provided text inputs.

Image Cropping Tool: Recognizing the varying aspect ratios across different ad surfaces (e.g., Reels, feed, Stories), this tool automatically adjusts creative assets to ensure they appear visually appealing on each platform.

These AI models draw from diverse data sources, including Meta’s platform data, third-party data, partner data, and publicly available data. Meta plans to gradually extend access to these tools to more advertisers over the coming year.

Meta emphasizes the value of generative AI tools in liberating creative and media teams from repetitive tasks. By automating tasks like generating ad copy variants and adjusting creative assets, these tools allow teams to focus on higher-level strategic work. Advertisers testing these tools in the AI Sandbox estimate potential time savings of five or more hours per week, equating to a month of reclaimed time each year.

Meta envisions AI as a catalyst for marketers, enabling them to excel in strategic endeavors while minimizing the tedium of manual tasks. By embracing AI, the industry can elevate its performance and productivity across the board, providing room for creativity and innovation.

As Meta continues to invest in AI-driven advertising solutions, advertisers can anticipate more efficient and effective campaigns, while enjoying the benefits of time saved for strategic thinking and creativity.

Meta’s envisions of AI are not just for advertisers. As recently reported, the company has plans to unveil Generative AI personas (AI chatbots) to get better at engaging with young users. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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