Instagram Reels outperform TikTok Clips in brand engagement

In a recent video performance analysis conducted by Emplifi, findings suggest that for brands looking to revamp their content strategies in 2024, bringing more Instagram Reels into the mix could be the key to success.

The analysis, which examined thousands of posts on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, emphasized that Instagram Reels is the leader in increasing the number of views. The study focused on more than 1,300 brand profiles on Instagram and TikTok to gain insight into what resonates with audiences and what brands are currently posting.

Surprisingly, Instagram Reels has surpassed TikTok in brand content views, defying the long-standing advertisement that TikTok is a dominant platform. While these findings are based on public data and brand-specific content, they shed light on Reels’ performance, particularly the success of longer videos.

Longer Reels videos performed better than shorter ones; Clips longer than 90 seconds achieved the highest average views. Short Reels (under 30 seconds) averaged 6,145 views, while medium-length Reels (30 to 90 seconds) averaged 7,830 views.

“This insight offers an exciting opportunity for brands to reconsider their creative strategy on Instagram. The data shows that audiences are responding positively to longer videos — the key is producing entertaining and valuable content that keeps them watching,” said Zarnaz Arlia, CMO, Emplifi. 

The data also revealed that Reels significantly outperformed regular video uploads on Facebook, garnering more than three times the average number of views. This aligns with Meta’s broader emphasis on Reels clips as a key driver of engagement on their platform.

Despite the popularity of Reels, Emplifi observed that brands still tend to post more Stories on Instagram. This finding signals a shift in emphasis from Stories to Reels, encouraging consideration of content planning.

While individual results may vary depending on specific audience dynamics, Reels’ relative success in brand content engagement suggests its growing popularity among users or algorithms on each platform. Emplifi’s report serves as a reminder for brands to re-evaluate their content approach and explore emerging formats; It focuses specifically on the interaction potential offered by Instagram Reels in Meta apps.

In the realm of content sharing, Instagram also stands out as the preferred platform for creators. As per a recent study by Mavrck, a staggering 98% of creators utilize Instagram for sharing their content through various formats, including feed posts, Stories, and Reels. This dominance places Instagram at the forefront of creator activity, surpassing other prominent social networks such as TikTok and Facebook.

Written by Sophie Blake


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