ASA partners with Instagram to educate UK advertisers on ad rules

In a collaborative effort, UK regulator, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has teamed up with Instagram and five influential content creators to release a series of informative videos. These videos aim to shed light on key aspects of the advertising rules that all UK advertisers are obligated to follow.

Each video in the series focuses on a specific theme, addressing crucial topics such as transparent ad disclosures, avoidance of misleading messaging, and upfront communication about the prices of goods or services. The overarching goal is to ensure that all ads are not only creative but also legal, decent, honest, and truthful.

With over a decade of experience in regulating claims on social media, the ASA aims to raise awareness among content creators and businesses that might be unfamiliar with the regulatory body and its work. This initiative aligns with the ASA’s new five-year strategy, Collective Ad Regulation, which leverages AI assistance. By disseminating information about ad rules, the ASA encourages influencers to contribute to maintaining the integrity of advertising.

The videos not only serve as a valuable resource for advertisers but also play a vital role in informing content consumers about the existing ad rules. By collaborating with influencers such as @thatswatson, @yourboymoyo, @fatstimbo, @simplysayo, and @shesnotfunny, the ASA aims to reach a broader audience and foster a culture of fair treatment and transparency in advertising.

Donna Castle, Director of Communications & Marketing at the ASA, expressed gratitude to the content creators and emphasized the importance of these videos in raising awareness about the ASA system and advertising regulations. 

“These videos will help raise awareness of the ASA system and the rules that all UK ads must follow. We’re grateful to Meta and all the content creators for their help in bringing this initiative to life in such a creative and engaging way. It’s crucial that all advertisers, including those online, follow the rules that keep people safe and prevent them from being misled.”

Nick Baughan, Meta’s Director of Business Partners UK and Ireland, echoed the commitment to responsible advertising, highlighting the campaign’s potential benefits for both creators and communities using Meta’s platforms.

“Meta is committed to ensuring the people advertising on our platforms do so responsibly. We have a long standing partnership with the ASA and this new campaign will help not only the creators and advertisers on our platforms, but will benefit the communities using them.’’

Written by Jordan Bevan


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