How To Use Email Marketing For Your Mobile Application

Using e-mail services, it is possible to send e-mails to hundreds or even thousands of people just with one click. This advantage brought email to an important position in the marketing world and led to the rise of the email marketing sector.

Email marketing also provides important advantages for mobile applications. This marketing method is widely used today for the promotion of mobile applications from many categories and provides a huge increase in their success. 

In today’s article, we will talk about how you can use the power of email marketing for your mobile application. Before we begin, let’s take a closer look at the importance of email marketing for the world of mobile marketing.

Why Email Marketing Matters For Mobile Marketing?

Just as the mobile world is of great importance for email marketing, email marketing is also very important for mobile marketing. The reason behind this importance is the great convenience email marketing provides for mobile marketers.

What Advantages Does Email Marketing Provide?

  • Email marketing costs less than almost any other marketing activities. This means, with email marketing, you don’t have to spend high budgets for your app marketing.
  • Email marketing makes targeting much easier. If you have a contact list, it is possible to send an email, with just one click, to thousands of people classifying them. 
  • Email marketing allows you to personalize. Using mail marketing tools, you can define the variables of your content and personalize your emails in a very easy way.
  • You can analyze your emails very easily. Again, if you are using a tool, you can see who opens your emails, who don’t open them, and who perform your desired actions. With the help of these results, you have the opportunity to optimize your email marketing strategy for your app marketing.

With the help of these advantages, email marketing has become widely used for mobile applications as well. So, what can you do for your mobile application using email marketing?

How Can You Use Email Marketing For Mobile Applications?

Acquire New Users

If you have a list of contacts that you think they might be interested in your mobile application, why don’t you send them some emails about your app? This is a great opportunity to acquire new users for your applications.

You should explain all the features that make your application different from other apps in the market, in a very simple and not-boring way. Make your e-mail attractive. Why should they download your application? Focus on this question and show your answer in your email in the best way. 

Engage With Onboarding Users

Engaging with your new users will leave a sincere impression on them. Just imagine stepping into a restaurant that you just discovered. You walk in but no one is welcoming you. They just look at your face. Now imagine stepping into another restaurant. Waiters are welcoming you with a smile on their faces and lead you to your table. Now answer this question: Which restaurant do you prefer?

I assume that your answer is the second restaurant. Well, many application owners use email marketing to engage with their onboarding users and welcome them. If you don’t, you may be the first restaurant that won’t be preferred.  

Don’t forget to provide your new user with all the information he/she needs before using your application.

Re-Engage With Your Users That Don’t Open Your App Anymore

If a user still has your application on his/her device but doesn’t use it anymore, you can use email marketing to let this user know what’s new with your application. It will help this user to remember your app and start using it again.

Increase Your Mobile App Reviews

Many app owners ask for reviews as soon as a user launches the app. But this is a common mistake that prevents you from leaving a good first impression. Let’s give an another example. 

Just imagine meeting someone for the first time. Just after you meet him, he asks you if you like him or not. What would you say? You probably would find it hard to express your feelings about that person cause you don’t know much about him yet. 

So, don’t ask for your users’ reviews just after they download your app. You can do it in their second or later journeys on your app or you can increase your mobile app reviews using the power of email marketing.

If your user accomplished the desired actions within your app, now you can send him/her an email asking for his/her review. You can also ask them if they have any feedback for your app, and optimize your app according to these feedbacks.

Promote Your App Offers and Rewards

You can use email marketing to engage with your users in different ways. Another way of doing this is to promote your app offers and rewards.

These offers and rewards will encourage your users to reuse the application again, or if they already use it, this will help them to think that you care about them. 

In this article, we talked about the importance of email marketing for mobile applications. You can check our website for more about the world of mobile. 🙂 

Written by Maya Robertson


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