10 Free Picture Frame Apps for iPhone

In today’s digital age, iPhones have become our trusted companions for capturing life’s precious moments. However, capturing the perfect shot is only half the journey. To truly make your photos stand out, you need the right frame. In this article, we covered the world of free picture frame apps for iPhone, where creativity knows no bounds. These apps are not just tools; they’re gateways to turning your photos into stunning works of art. With a plethora of options at your fingertips, you can add elegance, style, or even a touch of whimsy to your pictures. Without further ado, here are the free picture frame apps for iPhone!


Unlock the artistry within your photos with Keepsake, one of the premier free picture frame apps for iPhone. This intuitive app lets you turn your cherished moments into beautifully framed artwork effortlessly, and it stands out among free picture frame apps for iPhone. Users can choose from an array of stylish frames to enhance their photos. Keepsake’s user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free experience, making it an excellent choice for adding a touch of elegance to your pictures.

Keepsake on the App Store

Photo Collage Frame – Framify

Framify, another standout among free picture frame apps for iPhone, empowers you to craft visually stunning collages and framed photos. Users can discover the world of creative possibilities with various layouts and designs in the app. The app allows users to personalize their images with a diverse range of frames. With its user-friendly features and artistic flair, Framify is a go-to app for those seeking to transform their photos into captivating visual masterpieces.

Photo Collage Frame – Framify on the App Store

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Picsart AI Photo Editor

PicsArt stands as a versatile app that goes beyond traditional editing, offering a rich collection of frames for free. Users can elevate their photo game with AI-powered editing tools and various frames. With the app, users can create and customize collages, add artistic touches, and let their imagination run wild. PicsArt’s creative potential makes it an essential tool for iPhone photographers.

Picsart AI Photo Editor on the App Store


InFrame stands out as a framing excellence app among free picture frame apps for iPhone. Elevate your photos with beautifully crafted frames that add a touch of sophistication. The app allows users to customize and adjust frames to suit their style and aesthetic. With InFrame, you have the power to effortlessly turn your ordinary photos into extraordinary visual stories.

InFrame on the App Store

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Frameo takes a unique approach by combining photo frames with social sharing, and it ranks among the free picture frame apps for iPhone. The app allows users to transform their iPhone into a digital frame and display their cherished memories in a stylish slideshow. Easily send photos to friends and family’s Frameo devices. This app brings a new dimension to the world of framing by making it a shared experience.

Frameo on the App Store


PicFrame is your go-to collage companion within the realm of free picture frame apps for iPhone. The app allows users to unleash their creativity by designing captivating collages with a variety of frames. Users can customize layouts, adjust proportions, and add artistic filters to create stunning visual narratives. PicFrame’s versatility and user-friendly interface make it a reliable choice for framing your memories.

PicFrame on the App Store

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Picture Collage Maker – Frames

Picture Collage Maker offers a treasure trove of frames for those seeking diversity in their photo-framing endeavors. With an extensive collection of frames and the ability to customize layouts, this app is a playground for creativity. Whether you’re crafting a collage or framing a single photo, Picture Collage Maker provides the tools you need to make your images pop.

Picture Collage Maker – Frames on the App Store

Meitu- Photo Editor & AI Art

Meitu goes beyond basic editing by offering an array of frames that add flair to your photos. This versatile photo editor and AI art app provide unique frames that amplify your creativity. With its advanced AI features, Meitu brings a touch of artistic finesse to your pictures. Whether you’re enhancing selfies or framing landscapes, Meitu’s artistic frames are sure to impress.

Meitu- Photo Editor & AI Art on the App Store

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PhotoDirector: AI Photo Editor

PhotoDirector is a precision-focused AI photo editor that includes an impressive collection of frames for free. Users can take their photo editing to the next level by applying frames that suit their style. The app’s intuitive interface and powerful features make it a fantastic choice for those seeking precision in photo-framing endeavors.

PhotoDirector: AI Photo Editor on the App Store

Frame, Photo Borders: Framic

Framic is one of the free picture frame apps for iPhone, offering a dynamic approach to framing. Users can customize frames, add animations, and bring their photos to life. This innovative app adds a unique dimension to your visual storytelling. Explore Framic’s creative possibilities and give your photos an animated twist.

Frame, Photo Borders: Framic on the App Store

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