The 7 Best Route Planner Apps

Are you looking for a reliable, fast, and functional route planner app? If the answer is yes, you are in the correct place! We have reviewed the wonderfully practical and beneficial route planner apps for you, and we have brought you the best among them. Whether you’re a traveler, driver, or courier, you’ll love the features these apps have to offer! We have listed the best route planner apps for you, where everyone who wants to save time and money will meet at a common point! Here are the best!


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $39.99


MAPS.ME is a free navigation system app that shows the destination with detailed step-by-step directions and is among the best route planner apps. The app has an offline map feature and provides use anytime anywhere. The app provides information on points of need (POIs), walkways, and more. Maps are updated daily and provide a fast and safe navigation experience.

In addition, MAPS.ME offers the possibility to search in different categories in the form of cafes, attractions, ATMs, and more. The app provides the convenience of making hotel reservations directly from the app and allows easy location sharing. Check out MAPS.ME’s website to learn more detailed information about the app.

MAPS.ME on Google Play

MAPS.ME on the App Store


Price: Free


MapQuest is a turn-by-turn GPS navigation app and is appropriate for use in the United States and Canada. The app has a voice navigation system and provides up-to-date satellite images and maps. Users will receive real-time traffic updates with MapQuest, thus saving time and fuel. The app offers alternative route options, so you can go anywhere you want either by the pleasant and beautifully scenic route or by the short and fast route.

Furthermore, MapQuest offers the ability to search and explore nearby points of interest for bars, hotels, gas stations, and more. Users can book hotels on MapQuest and save money by comparing the prices of nearby gas stations. Browse MapQuest’s website to learn more detailed information.

MapQuest on Google Play

MapQuest on the App Store

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Price: Free


Waze, a community-based traffic and navigation app, is one of the best route planner apps. The app helps users save time and fuel along the route. The app provides live guidance by providing real-time traffic and road information. Users can access warnings such as accidents, radar, closed roads, and danger with Waze. The app has a voice navigation feature and offers the opportunity to see your friends’ TVS going in the same direction. Visit Waze’s website version to plan a route on the web.

Waze on Google Play

Waze on the App Store

TomTom GO Navigation

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $79.99

TomTom GO Navigation is a handy app with weekly updated downloadable offline maps and is among the best route planner apps. Users will be able to access sensitive live traffic information and receive turn-by-turn guidance support with TomTom GO Navigation. The app is a supportive app for vehicles so that users will not be distracted and can focus on driving. TomTom GO Navigation offers the possibility to share the estimated time of arrival and offers alternative routes for faster arrival. To learn more information, visit TomTom GO Navigation’s website.

TomTom GO Navigation on Google Play

TomTom GO Navigation on the App Store

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ViaMichelin GPS Route Planner

Price: Free

ViaMichelin GPS Route Planner

ViaMichelin GPS Route Planner travel guide is a navigation app. The app offers routes with real-time traffic to users and has voice guidance support. ViaMichelin GPS Route Planner optimizes users’ routes according to traffic conditions and aims to offer a comfortable journey, regardless of short or long distance. Users provide information such as travel time, distance, and estimated cost (such as fuel cost, highway toll, and vignettes) with the ViaMichelin GPS Route Planner. Users can customize the fuel consumption by entering the car model to calculate the cost of their trips through the app. With the web version of the app, you can obtain route information over the web.

ViaMichelin GPS Route Planner on Google Play

ViaMichelin GPS Route Planner on the App Store


Price: Free

Routific is a route optimization app that is preferred by businesses and deserves to be among the route planner apps. Employees have easy access to route information and delivery instructions with Routific. The app supports navigation apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze. Users can provide status updates for real-time tracking of shipments. To learn more about Routific, go to the website of the app.

Routific on Google Play

Routific on the App Store

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Road Warrior

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $99.99

Road Warrior is a reliable and fast route planner app. Travelers, drivers, couriers, and anyone who wishes can easily use the app. The app offers users real-time road traffic and routes customized according to density. Road Warrior can optimize hundreds of stops for employees (couriers, field salesmen, etc.) and offers the possibility to customize routes. For more information about the app, visit Road Warrior’s website.

Road Warrior on Google Play

Road Warrior on the App Store

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