Huawei releases Google Maps competitor ‘Petal Maps’ on AppGallery

Huawei released a beta version of Petal Maps, its map app announced back in October. Published on AppGallery, the app offers almost all of the features in Google Maps.

Currently released as a beta version, the Petal Maps is only available on models running EMUI 11 (Mate 40, Mate 30 or P40).

Huawei states that Petal Maps can be used in more than 140 countries. So, what does Petal Maps, developed by Huawei as a competitor to Google Maps, offer users?

Using the app; You can switch between 2D and 3D viewing modes, see real-time traffic conditions and choose the fastest route, find locations with search on the map and switch between viewing the full route and the current section with the help of air gestures feature. 

Petal Maps is only 16MB in size and it is free-to-use. 

Here you can download Petal Maps to give it a try. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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