70% of drivers choose Google Maps over other navigation apps to avoid speed traps

A recent study conducted by MarketWatch delved into the navigation habits of 1,000 drivers across the United States, revealing a clear preference for Google Maps among users. Astonishingly, a staggering 70% of respondents indicated that they rely on Google Maps as their go-to navigation app to avoid speed traps.

Beyond merely providing directions, navigation apps have evolved to offer a myriad of functionalities, thanks in part to crowdsourcing efforts. Drivers can now receive real-time alerts regarding hazards, road closures, accidents, and crucially, speed traps. 

MarketWatch’s study focused specifically on the role of navigation apps in aiding drivers to evade potential speeding tickets, shedding light on the prevalence of this phenomenon. Notably, Waze, another navigation app owned by Google, claimed the second spot in terms of usage rates, further solidifying the tech giant’s dominance in this domain.

The study revealed that Waze emerged as the leading app for alerting drivers to speed traps. Feedback from drivers indicated that Waze outperformed both Google Maps and Apple Maps in this aspect, being deemed 30% more effective than Google Maps and 20% more effective than Apple Maps in alerting users to speed traps. Despite this, Google Maps retained its status as the most widely preferred navigation app among individuals who admitted to regularly exceeding the speed limit.

According to MarketWatch’s analysis, a substantial portion of respondents—34% to be precise—acknowledged receiving warnings from navigation apps regarding speed traps on at least one occasion. This statistic underscores the significant role that technology plays in empowering drivers to navigate roadways more safely and efficiently.

Written by Maya Robertson


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