The 7 Best Free Weather Apps for iPhone

Do you make plans frequently? Do you live in or near Hurricane? Do you hate being caught in the rain? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should check out our list of free weather apps that provide the necessary information. We’ve compiled a list of the best free weather apps for iPhone that provide detailed information ranging from rain to storms, humidity density to low temperatures. Here are the best of the best!

Weather – The Weather Channel

Weather The Weather Channel

Weather – The Weather is an excellent weather app that keeps users informed and up-to-date on weather alerts. The app contains live Doppler radar maps and notifies users of storms, hurricanes, heavy rain, heat waves, impending floods, and other weather events. Weather – The Weather provides forecasts up to 15 days in advance and allows users to plan ahead for two weeks. Personal weather alerts can be managed by users. The app includes a smart widget that allows you to see the weather at a glance and access the details with a single touch. Weather – The Weather app has a dark mode and detailed allergy and flu forecasts. Visit the website of the app to learn more detailed information.

Weather – The Weather Channel on the App Store

WeatherBug – Weather Forecast

WeatherBug Weather Forecast

WeatherBug is considered one of the best free iPhone weather apps, powered by a robust and professional weather network. The app provides users with over 140 hours of hourly forecasts and 10-day forecasts. The app provides users with detailed information ranging from pollen levels to allergic triggers. WeatherBug Doppler radar features eighteen weather maps, including temperature, pressure, lightning, wind, and humidity. The app contains a widget and the ability to customize the alerts.

Furthermore, WeatherBug features a hurricane center, a fire center, winter weather, air quality, and precise weather details. WeatherBug allows users to view local traffic conditions. The app has the largest total lightning detection network and provides forecasts for over 2.6 million locations. Check out WeatherBug’s website for more detailed information about the app.

WeatherBug – Weather Forecast on the App Store

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AccuWeather: Weather Alerts

AccuWeather Weather Alerts

AccuWeather is a dependable weather app with a user-friendly interface. The app provides live and local weather forecasts, allowing users to plan their activities around the weather. The app provides users with advanced alerts on snowfall probability and accumulation in its winter weather forecast feature. AccuWeather’s daily forecasts include wind, air quality index, live radar, rain, UV index, snowfall, and other variables. AccuWeather users can view live snow, ice, rain, and temperature changes. The app allows users to see the weather forecast for the next 45 days. To learn more about the app, go to AccuWeather’s website.

AccuWeather: Weather Alerts on the App Store

Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live

Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live is an all-in-one weather tracker that includes severe weather alerts, real-time radar images, accurate weather forecasts, and much more. It is one of the best free weather apps for iPhone. Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live provides users with 24-hour precipitation forecasts. The app displays a satellite map of cloud cover and areas of rain, snow, and mixed precipitation in high resolution and vivid colors. Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live provides users with useful information such as daily and 7-day forecasts, minimum/maximum felt temperature, pressure, wind, humidity, precipitation probability, and sunrise and sunset times.

Additionally, Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live provides radar images for the USA, Hawaii, Northern Mexico, Southern Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland, and more. The app’s premium version includes handy features such as advanced precipitation forecast, air quality index, forest fire tracking, 14-day forecast, animated wind map, and hurricane tracker. Browse the website of the app for more information.

Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live on the App Store

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MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar Weather Radar is a quick, beautiful, and simple weather app. Users can make plans without having to worry about the weather with daily weather notifications. The app includes an animated weather radar and advanced rain alerts. MyRadar Weather Radar provides real-time information on when the rain will fall in the user’s current location. Users can access a detailed summary from the National Hurricane Center via the app’s hurricane-tracking feature. Visit MyRadar Weather Radar’s website for more detailed information.

MyRadar Weather Radar the App Store

Weather & Radar – Storm alerts

Weather & Radar is a fantastic weather app with accurate forecasts and innovative weather, temperature, and wind radar. Weather & Radar provides users with access to weather alerts and storm trackers. The app provides ski reports as well as expert weather analysis and videos. The app has weather maps with high-resolution rain, snow, wind, and lightning fields. Weather & Radar allows users to monitor real-time meteorological conditions at the city and county levels.

Weather & Radar – Storm alerts on the App Store

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CARROT Weather: Alerts & Radar

CARROT Weather Alerts Radar

Carrot Weather is an exclusive weather app that users appreciate for its various styles. The app provides users with robots with five distinct personalities, ranging from the strict “professional” to the profanity-laced “extreme.” This app, which feels more like a friend than a weather app, deserves to be ranked among the best free weather apps for iPhone. Carrot Weather provides accurate, up-to-date weather information and notifications on an hourly and daily basis, including precipitation, weather alerts, and lightning strikes. It has an app lock, home screen widgets, and live activities. Explore Carrot Weather’s website to learn more.

CARROT Weather: Alerts & Radar on the App Store

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