YouTube adapts @username format with new handles

Image Source: YouTube Official Blog

Video streaming platform YouTube announced on Monday that it’ll soon allow content creators to choose their own handles to make it easier to engage with other users on the platform.

Unlike channel names, each channel will have a unique YouTube handle so that users can explore content and interact with creators in an easier way, the company said in a blog post.

YouTube handles, which will be visible on channel pages and Short videos, will allow users to mention each other in comments, video descriptions, and community posts more easily and quickly. For example; when two creators collaborate, they will be able to tag one another using the new @username format in seconds, without the risk of tagging another channel with the same name.

<em>Image Source YouTube Official Blog<em>

Over the next weeks, YouTube will let creators know when they can choose their unique handles. The company said that the majority of those that have personalized URLs will get them as their handles automatically, however, they still will be able to change it when they receive a notification.

After choosing your @username, YouTube will also create a matching URL so that you can promote your channel on other platforms. If you already have a personalized channel URL, you won’t need to update it as YouTube will redirect users to the new one automatically.

‘’Because handles must be unique and every channel on YouTube will have one, we’re rolling them out gradually,’’ the company said. ‘’The timing of when a creator will get access to the handles selection process depends on a number of factors, including overall YouTube presence, subscriber count and whether the channel is active or inactive.’’

YouTube also recently announced that it’d give 45% of Shorts ad revenue to content creators, as it aims to lure TikTok creators to its own platform.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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