Whiteout Survival Revenue and Download Statistics (2024)

  • Developer: Century Games 
  • Publisher: Century Games
  • Release Date: February 12, 2023
  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Google Play: Store Link
  • App Store: Store Link 

Whiteout Survival, which took its place in app stores on February 12, 2023, is a survival strategy game focusing on the glacial apocalypse theme. The story of the popular game, which includes classic city building and area development elements, is as follows:

The catastrophic drop in global temperatures has wreaked havoc on human society. Those who managed to escape their destroyed homes now face a new set of challenges: brutal snowstorms, wild animals, and opportunistic bandits intent on preying on their desperation.

As the head of the last city in these icy deserts, you are humanity’s only hope for continued existence. In the game, you must successfully guide the survivors in their ordeal of adapting to the hostile environment and rebuilding civilization.

Whiteout Survival Download Statistics

  • In the mere 11 months since its launch, Whiteout Survival has achieved a remarkable milestone, boasting an impressive nearly 30 million downloads. 
  • The largest portion of its player base is situated in the United States, constituting 19% of the total downloads, a staggering figure of approximately 5.7 million installations. This places the US well ahead, more than doubling the second-place contender, Japan, which holds 7% of the downloads, equivalent to 2.1 million. 
  • Turkey secures its position in the top three with a 6% share of the downloads, closely followed by South Korea, Germany, and Brazil in the rankings, showcasing the widespread global appeal of Whiteout Survival, according to AppMagic data shared by PocketGamer.biz.

Whiteout Survival Revenue Statistics

  • In an astonishing feat, Whiteout Survival has achieved a monumental revenue milestone, surging past the remarkable threshold of $400 million in its first 11 months.
  • The primary contributor to Whiteout Survival’s revenue is notably the United States, where 33% of the impressive $400 million generated originates. This equates to over $130 million from the US alone, indicating a significant proportion of spending from this region. 
  • South Korea emerges as the second-largest territory for spending, contributing 20% of the total earnings, equivalent to $80 million, despite representing only 5% of the global download figures. In a similar trend, Japan’s 7% revenue contribution, totaling $28 million, mirrors its installation statistics precisely.
  • In December 2023, Century Games recorded a comprehensive mobile game revenue of $56 million, with $33 million attributed to iOS games and $24 million to Android games, according to Sensor Tower.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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