Last Week’s Top Mobile Marketing Reads: 21-27 September 2020

Pinterest set a new daily download record while home screen customization apps were installed millions of times generating hundreds of thousands of dollars after the release of Apple’s iOS 14 started a new design trend among iPhone users. Apple critics founded a new coalition to fight against App Store policies and many more developments happened in the mobile industry in the previous week.

Below, you can find our most-read mobile marketing news between 21 – 27 September 2020.

  1. Top 20 iOS Home Screen Customization Apps Hit 5.7M Installs Following iOS 14 Release

According to recent data by Sensor Tower, Top 20 home screen customization apps generated 5.7 million installs and $400.000 user spendings during the four days after Apple released iOS 14, its latest operating system which enabled iPhone users to add custom widgets to their home screens. 

Also, during the first week following the release, the apps generated 13 million installs in total and their revenues surpassed $1 million. 

  1. Pinterest breaks daily download record as iOS 14 users search for home screen design ideas

Just like home screen customization apps, Pinterest saw a spike in its downloads too. It broke its daily download record with over 800,000 new installs while thousands of iOS 14 users are looking for creative ideas to design their home screens. 

  1. Turning mobile game players into paying users is now 24% more expensive, study finds

According to a recent study by Liftoff, while CPI rates for mobile games decreased by 66% to $1.47, install-to-IAP costs jumped up from $35.42 to $43.88 with 24% increase and conversion rates are down 22% compared to the previous year. 

  1. Apple critics form ‘Coalition for App Fairness’ to bring app developers together to fight against the App Store policies.

Leading companies in the industry including Fortnite-owner Epic Games, Tinder owner Match Group, Spotify, Deezer and Basecamp joined forces and founded an independent nonprofit organization named ‘’Coalition For App Fairness’’ in order to ‘advocate for fair competition and freedom of choice across the app ecosystem’, welcoming app developers of all sizes to fight against ‘the monopolist control of the app ecosystem by Apple’.

  1. Global Mobile Gaming Revenue To Hit $102.8 Billion By 2023

According to recent study by Newzoo, the global mobile gaming market will surpass $100 billion in revenue by 2023. While App Store will account for $38.8 billion, Play Store will make up 36.1% and the other Android app markets will make up $13.8 of the remaining. 

The study also reveals that the number of smartphone users is currently around 3.5 billion and expected to cross 4 billion by the year 2023. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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