The new Google Play Console will be live on November 10, 2020

Introducing the new Google Play Console beta on June 10, 2020, Google announced that all developers will get the new Google Play Console on November 10, 2020. 

After November 2, the old Play Console will be discontinued and users will automatically be redirected to the new Play console, said Google. The users can now switch to the new Console to try it out. 

The Google Play Console serves over 900k monthly active users including both hobbyists and large companies. To make it easier to use and to increase the ways to get more answers and performance insights, Google made some significant improvements on the Play Console. 

  • Responsive Design: Now the Console users can use it across all their devices.  
  • Inbox: Google added Inbox to the Play console to let users have a personalized messaging area collecting all helpful information, policy updates, and feature recommendations in a one single place. 
  • Updated Navigation: The new menu structure groups pages by function. The Release section collects all Console tools to upload and distribute apps, test reviews and production tracks, and the performance of the latest app updates. In the Grow section, users can find user acquisition elements including store listing experiments, store performance, pre-registration, and more. The Quality section is designed for QAs and team leads to let them track ratings, reviews, crashes, and Android vitals. In Monetize section, users can find Play console setup brought together, reporting and optimization tools for in-app purchases and subscriptions. 
  • The “All Apps” Page: Users can now customize the App List page to highlight the apps that they care most about. They can pin the favorite apps to always appear at the top of the page. 
  • Search: Users can now search across the Console to find pages and features quickly. 
  • Updated Acquisition Reports: Google also made important changes in the Acquisition reports. The new acquisition report does not provide cohort conversion metrics for retained installers or buyers. If you want to keep a record of this data, you need to download it from the old Console before November 2. The new acquisition report now includes visitors and acquisitions from users who had previously had your app installed, as well as those who have never tried it. This means the majority of apps will see increases in both visitors and acquisitions. Acquisitions are also now reported as either Google Play search, Google Play explore, or Third-party referral, based on which surface drove the user to your store listing. 
  • Speed and Performance: Google also made improvements on the speed and performance of the Play Console on different browsers. 
    The new Google Play Console has also other features and improvements that aims to maximize the performance and user experience. Here you can read the full statement. Below you can also find one of the videos uploaded by Google to explain the features and improvements in more details.

Written by Maya Robertson


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