The 5 Best Budget Apps

Budget apps can be a savior for those who cannot find where their money is going, who want to save or just want to follow their spending habits. With these apps, you can control your credit, invoice and daily expenses very easily, as well as connecting your financial accounts to keep up with your budget. 

In this article, we have brought together the best budget apps that can help you track your spending habits and expenses and use your budget effectively. 

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Accepted as the best budget app by authorities and major magazines, Mint is a personal finance and money manager app that aims to provide a complete picture of your financial health by bringing together all bank accounts, credit cards and transactions in a single app.

While managing all your financial transactions with a single app, it also offers income/expense management. After you create your Mint account and enter your bank, credit card and credit information, you can see information such as where you spend your money the most and between what time periods.

Using the popular money management app, you can get alerted when you’re close to going over budget or before you overdraft from an account. It also sends you notifications when a subscription price goes up. 

Another important feature of Mint is that it provides budgeting tips and advice as well as new ways to make every dollar you have count. 

Mint on Google Play

Mint on the App Store


If you are looking for the best budget app for couples, Zeta is what you need with its money management features for couples. Zeta allows you to display both individual and shared finances, track budget and expenses, and set personal or shared goals, in one single app.

The app also gives you the option to hide some financial information from your partner if you wish. Using the money manager app, you can also split expenses between you and your partner. 

Zeta sends you push notifications as soon as you get paid, when you get a refund, when your partner leaves you a note, or when your expenses appear to be covered.

Zeta on Google Play

Zeta on the App Store


PocketGuard is one of the best free budget apps that brings your credit, savings, and checking account together and provides detailed analysis of your budgets and expenses. 

If you want to see how much disposable income you have after paying your bills, saving for your goals, and setting aside enough money for needs and wants, PocketGuard provides it with its “In My Pocket” feature.

When you set up your PocketGuard account by connecting your bank accounts, the money management app starts to identify your bills and subscriptions automatically and includes them in your monthly budget to let you never miss a due date. It also negotiates with providers for better rates to lower your bills. 

PocketGuard on Google Play

PocketGuard on the App Store


GoodBudget, which comes across with a convenient and simple user interface, is one of the best money management apps for mobile users who are looking for a money manager and expense tracker.

Unlike other budget apps on our list, Goodbudget doesn’t let you sync bank accounts. You manually add account balances, cash amounts, and debits. With the accounts and income entered, you assign money to expenditure categories known as envelopes.

Using Goodbudget, you can check Envelope and Account balances, schedule transactions, track expenses, analyze spendings, and monitor cash flow. The app’s free version includes 10 regular envelopes and 10 annual envelopes. 

Goodbudget on Google Play

Goodbudget on the App Store

Personal Capital

Despite being ranked fifth on our list, Personal Capital is one of the best budget apps that allows you to track all your finances, investments and retirement in one place and offers as useful and comprehensive features as any other.

Using Personal Capital, which is used by more than 2.8 million people, you can manage your total income and total expenses across all your accounts, month over month. 

It also provides you  an Investment Checkup Tool that compares your current portfolio allocation to the ideal target allocation designed to minimize risk and maximize returns to meet your financial goals. 

Personal Capital on Google Play

Personal Capital on the App Store

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