TextNow Download and Revenue Statistics (2023)

What is TextNow?

TextNow is a free texting & calling app that provides a virtual phone number to let you make unlimited free calls and text messages in the United States and Canada. Using the free texting & calling app, you can also make international calls to more than 230 countries with rates starting at less than $0.01 per minute.  TextNow allows you to make calls and send text messages on multiple devices including tablet, computer, and mobile phone. 

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How to use WhatsApp and Telegram with TextNow

Usually people who want to use WhatsApp or Telegram without phone number or SIM download TextNow to have a virtual phone number. 

In order to use WhatsApp with TextNow, first you need to download the TextNow app to your Android or iOS device and complete setting up by providing an area code and selecting a number. 

Once you get your virtual phone number, you can download WhatsApp or Telegram to your device and enter this number while setting up your account. You’ll get a verification code via SMS or call on your TextNow app. Simply state your verification code for WhatsApp, launch the app, and complete the setup to start using it. 

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TextNow Statistics

+ In July 2021, TextNow announced that the company hit $100 million in annual revenue run rate, driven by ad revenue and a 300% increase in in-app purchases. (TextNow)

+ TextNow’s app revenue across Google Play and the App Store was around $800K in May 2021. While $500K of this app revenue came from the App Store, the remaining $300K came from Google Play. (Sensor Tower)

+ TextNow’s free texting & calling app reached over 200 million downloads worldwide as of July 2021. (TextNow)

+ Founded in 2009 by Derek Ting, Gary Fung, and Jon Lerner, TextNow raised $1.4 million in a seed round back in October 2011. (Crunchbase)

+ According to the LATKA database, Textnow’s 2021 revenue so far is $8 million, with $667.7K monthly revenue. 

+ In October 2018, TextNow announced that it signed a contribution agreement for up to $1 million in funding from the NRC IRAP based on its revenue growth of 379% over the last five years. (TextNow)

+ In 2018, Textnow’s monthly active users reached 16 million. 

+ As of April 2021, Textnow was among the top social networking apps in the App Store in Canada and the United States, by number of app downloads. (Statista)

+ TextNow’s covid impact on 2020 revenue projection was -36%. The company eliminated 19 jobs, cut costs by $18 million, and saved between $500,000 to $750,000 from employee perks in 2020, as part of its strategy to survive the pandemic economy. (Bloomberg)

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