Instagram launches TikTok Duets-like Remix feature for Reels

Popular photo-sharing platform Instagram has officially launched a TikTok Duets-like new feature named ‘Remix’ which will allow users to record their own videos featuring other Reels on the platform.

A few days ago, we wrote in a previous article that Snapchat is working on a similar duets feature as well. In fact, the feature which is still in development also has the same name ‘’Remix’’. 

Instagram has been testing the feature for a while and today announced that it is now available for all the users on the platform. 

How to use Instagram’s new Remix feature

In order to use Instagram’s new Remix feature; 

  • Open the Reel video you want to remix,
  • Click on the three-dot menu located at the top right corner,
  • Select the Remix This Reel option. Then you’ll see the screen divided into two where the original video and your video will be located side by side. 
  • Record your video. 
  • After recording, you can edit your video, adjust the volume of the original Reel or add your voice-over to your own video.
  • You’re ready to publish your Remix.

Note that you can only Remix newly updated Reels. If you want your Reels to be duetted, you can upload your videos again or enable the Remix feature by navigating to the settings of your old videos. 

If you have a public account, the new Remix feature will be enabled by default. While your Remixes will be located next to your Reels on the Reels tab on your profile page, you’ll also be able to see who remixed you Reels on the Activity tab. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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