Google expands Android Auto integration

Google is enhancing the Android Auto experience by introducing integrations with popular video conferencing platforms Zoom and Cisco’s WebEx. These integrations aim to make virtual meetings more accessible for users of Android-equipped vehicles.

Android Auto users can soon enjoy seamless integration with Zoom and WebEx, allowing them to join conference calls directly from their vehicle’s displays. While WebEx integration is currently in beta, the Zoom integration is set to roll out fully in the coming days. This move reflects Google’s commitment to enhancing productivity on the go.

“We’re taking the next step by making it easy and safe for you to quickly join scheduled meetings and conference calls from your car display, so you won’t have to go fumbling for your phone,” stated Google’s Director of Product Management for Android Auto, Haris Ramic. 

In addition to video conferencing integrations, Google is expanding the entertainment options for Android Automotive. Prime Video is now available on the Play Store for vehicles equipped with Android Automotive. Initially, this streaming platform is accessible for select Volvo, Renault, and Polestar models, with plans to extend availability to other car brands in the future.

Google is also introducing the Vivaldi internet browser to the Play Store for cars. Vivaldi is already a standalone app on some Renault and Polestar vehicles, providing users with internet browsing capabilities while on the road.

The tech giant is further enriching the selection of apps available on Android Automotive vehicles. The Weather Network app is now accessible to provide users with real-time weather updates and forecasts, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Google is expanding its digital car key support to select Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia models in the US, Canada, and Korea. This feature allows users to use their Android devices as digital keys, offering convenient and secure access to their vehicles. Currently, this feature only works with Pixel and some Samsung devices. 

Hyundai released its digital car key application (Hyundai Digital Key) on Google Play Store, near the end of 2019. 

Additionally, Google announced major Play Store updates for tablet apps last month. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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