The 8 Best SNES Emulators for Android

If you’re a fan of classic Super Nintendo games and want to relive the nostalgia on your Android device, then you’ll need a good SNES emulator. With so many options available on the Google Play Store, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best SNES emulators for Android. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite games from the 1990s on your mobile device.

Snes9x EX+

Price: Free

Snes9x EX

Snes9x EX+ is a top-rated SNES emulator for Android devices that offers a minimalist UI and a focus on low audio/video latency. The emulator is based on Snes9x and supports a wide variety of devices, from the original Xperia Play to modern devices like the Nvidia Shield and Pixel phones. Snes9x EX+ supports SMC and SFC file formats, which can be optionally compressed with ZIP, RAR, or 7Z. It also supports cheat codes using the “.CHT” format and features configurable on-screen controls, making it easy to customize your gaming experience. With no ROMs included, users must supply their own games.

If you’re a fan of classic Super Nintendo games, Snes9x EX+ is the perfect emulator for you. It is an open-source application that is available on Google Play, making it easy to download and install. With its excellent features and support for multiple file formats, Snes9x EX+ is among the best SNES emulators for Android devices. You can try to relive the golden days of gaming on your Android device!

Snes9x EX+ on Google Play


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $11.99


Looking for the best SNES emulator for Android? MultiSneS16 is one of the good options. This open-source emulator is based on the popular SNES9x core and boasts a range of features that make it stand out from the crowd. Not only does it support offline single-player mode, but it also offers hassle-free online multiplayer that doesn’t require any manual setup or port opening. With LAN, WiFi Direct, and online multiplayer options available, you can enjoy classic SNES games with your friends no matter where they are in the world. And with support for both hardware controllers and virtual/on-screen/touch-based controls, you can play your favorite games just the way you like.

In addition to its multiplayer capabilities, MultiSneS16 also supports cheats and the saving and loading of game states. Plus, its editable virtual button layout and full-screen display mode make it easy to customize your gaming experience to suit your preferences. Whether you’re a nostalgic gamer looking to relive the classics or a newcomer looking to discover the wonders of the SNES, MultiSneS16 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the best SNES emulator for Android.

MultiSneS16 on Google Play

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Super Emulator – Retro Classic

Price: Free

Super Emulator Retro Classic

Super Emulator – Retro Classic emulator All In One is a comprehensive emulator that allows you to play some of the best retro games on your Android device. This all-in-one emulator provides access to three of the best retro emulators, enabling you to play your favorite retro games without the need for multiple apps.

The app is equipped with features that make it easy to play retro games on your Android device, such as auto-save and auto-resume when you come back to play, and the ability to save and load states with eight slots. Additionally, you can easily customize your controller for each of the three emulators, and take advantage of the vibrating controller with three different modes. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and comprehensive retro emulator app, Super Emulator – Retro Classic emulator All In One is definitely worth checking out as one of the best SNES emulators for Android.

Super Emulator – Retro Classic on Google Play


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $4.49


John NESS is a high-quality SNES emulator for Android devices with an original engine that offers impressive rendering for your favorite classic games. This app requires game files that you must provide yourself, but once you have them, the gameplay experience is seamless. The emulator features a virtual on-screen keypad and supports zipped files for easy access to your games. You can save your progress with save states and previews, and fully customize the layout and keys to suit your preferences. In addition, John NESS offers turbo buttons, fast-forward/slow-down options, and Bluetooth/MOGA controller support for a more immersive gaming experience. You can also link the app to Dropbox using John DataSync.

Moreover, for those who want to remove ads, a “remove ads” purchase option is available. Overall, John NESS is considered to be one of the best SNES emulators for Android devices, offering a smooth and customizable gaming experience with its advanced features and high-quality rendering.

John NESS on Google Play

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Price: Free


Lemuroid is a versatile and completely free open-source emulator that works seamlessly on a variety of devices. Based on Libretro, it offers the best user experience on Android without any ads. It supports a wide range of gaming systems, including the SNES, NES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, PlayStation, and Nintendo 64.

One of the standout features of Lemuroid is the ability to automatically save and restore game states, as well as ROM scanning and indexing. Optimized touch controls, quick save/load slots, and support for zipped ROMs are also included. Additionally, the emulator provides customization options for touch controls, such as size and position. With cloud save sync and support for local multiplayer, Lemuroid is a fantastic option for gaming on the go. Keep in mind that powerful devices are required to emulate more recent systems like the PSP, DS, and 3DS. Note that the application does not include any games, and users must provide their own legally owned ROM files. If you’re looking for the best SNES emulators for Android, Lemuroid is worth considering.

Lemuroid on Google Play

The Mega S.N.E.S. Rock Retro 

Price: Free

The Mega SNES Rock Retro

If you’re looking to relive your childhood memories of playing SNES games, you can give this emulator app for Android devices a try. With its Full HD graphics, customizable controller options, and thousands of popular cheat codes, it’s the ultimate way to play your favorite SNES games on the go.

In addition to its impressive array of features, the Mega S.N.E.S. Rock Retro offers the fastest emulation, the best game compatibility, and a user-friendly interface that’s easy to use. It also supports Bluetooth controllers and multiplayer networks using WiFi or Bluetooth. Whether you want to fast-forward games, use visual effects shaders like the CRT Simulator or High Quality 2x/3x, or take advantage of the in-game walkthrough/guide integration, this app has you covered.

Also, the app does not come with any ROMs included, but they can be easily downloaded from various websites as long as you already own the game. With its advanced layout editor for on-screen controls, mouse support for selected games, and save/load game features, this emulator is the perfect way to relive your childhood gaming experiences.

The Mega S.N.E.S Rock Retro on Google Play

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ClassicBoy Pro Games Emulator

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $6.99

ClassicBoy Pro Games Emulator

Classicboy Pro is a superb SNES emulator that aims to maintain high performance. With the ability to simulate dozens of classic consoles and handhelds, the app lets you play tens of thousands of retro video games, including your favorite SNES titles.

In addition to the traditional touchscreen and gamepad input, Classicboy Pro allows you to remap the buttons to gestures and accelerometers, making your gaming experience even more enjoyable. The professional version of the app also comes with a ROM scanner and game database, which makes it easy to find and sort your game library. Plus, with support for more than twenty emulation cores, including Snes9x, you can be sure that you’ll have a seamless and authentic SNES gaming experience on your Android device.

ClassicBoy Pro Games Emulator on Google Play


Price: Free


RetroArch is more than just a SNES emulator; it’s a powerful open-source project that can create games, emulators, and multimedia programs. It makes use of the Libretro interface, allowing developers to make cross-platform apps with advanced features like OpenGL, camera support, and more. With RetroArch, you can access a built-in collection of programs and games for all your entertainment needs.

If you’re specifically interested in SNES emulation, the Play Store version of RetroArch is a solid choice, supporting up to 50 cores for emulating different consoles and systems. However, if you need more than 50 cores, you can get the RetroArch Plus version from the Play Store, which supports up to 127 cores. Alternatively, you can download the full version from the RetroArch website, which comes with the Core Downloader.

RetroArch on Google Play

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