The 6 Best Police Scanner Apps for Android

Would you like to learn about emergencies around you? Police scanner apps are pretty helpful apps with the information and features they offer. You can access fire, landslide, traffic, earthquake, detective cases, fires, current news, and much more with these apps. Police scanner apps offer you the opportunity to search by region, state, or city. Thus you can have information not only for your region but also for your loved ones. We have reviewed and listed the best police scanner apps for Android for you. Here are the best!

Police Scanner

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $64.99

Police Scanner is a police scanner app for nearby natural disasters, public safety, breaking news, emergencies, traffic, forest fires, fire safety, and more. Users can have the latest news about protests, riots, and more violent events with the app. The app provides access to live audio broadcasts from the Metro Housing Authority, Buchanan County Sheriff, County Sheriff Dispatch, Cleveland Police Dispatch, Chicago Police Zone 10 – Districts 10 and 11, Portland Police, and more.

Furthermore, Police Scanner allows filtering by location, and users can access live audio broadcasts and current news from any region. Users can search and bookmark their favorite posts. Police Scanner offers the in-app alphabet of emergency codes used by the police and fire department, so users can better understand them in an emergency.

Police Scanner on Google Play

Scanner Radio

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $23.99

Scanner Radio is a handy app that facilitates access to important alerts and breaking news and is one of the best police scanner apps for Android. Users will get access to firefighters, NOAA weather radio stations, ham radio repeaters, and more from around the world with Scanner Radio. The app presents the most recently added browsers, the closest browsers, and the most viewed browsers to the users. When searching Scanner Radio, users can filter by location or genre, and add widgets to the screen for quick access.

Additionally, the pro version of the app comes ad-free and has six theme colors. The pro version of the app sends push notifications in just five minutes and prioritizes users. Users can record what they hear in the pro version of Scanner Radio.

Scanner Radio on Google Play

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Police Scanner X

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $9.99

Police Scanner X is a highly successful app for police, fire, breaking news, emergencies, and more, and is among the best police scanner apps for Android. The app provides ten codes to its users to speed up their understanding of police radios. The app comes with more than 1000 feeds. Users can access the Chicago Police, Chicago Police, Denver Police/fire department/EMS, Ingham County Public Safety, Ingham County Public Safety/Portland Police, Waterloo District Police, Cincinnati Police, Northwest Ohio Digital/MARCS, Stockton Police, Minot Police/Sheriff/Fire/EMS and much more with the app.

Police Scanner X on Google Play

Broadcastify Police Scanner

Price: Free

Broadcastify Police Scanner is a significantly functional app with the features it offers. The app provides access to over 6,700 police, fire/EMS, aviation, and more. Users can search by region in Broadcastify Police Scanner and easily access feeds near their location. Also, the app allows users to create a favorites list and sends push notifications for emergencies. For more detailed information, check out the website of the app.

Broadcastify Police Sanner on Google Play

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Scanner 911

Price: Free

Scanner 911 offers many scanners such as police scanners, fire scanners, EMS scanners, and airport scanners in one app and deserves to be among the best police scanner apps for Android. Users can sort broadcasts by distance and access nearby browsers with the app. Scanner 911 has the feature of running from the background, so users can have an uninterrupted listening experience while using other apps. Scanner 911 allows users to adjust sound settings with built-in equalizer and amplifier effects.

Scanner 911 on Google Play

Police Scanner 5-0 Pro

Price: $2.99

Police Scanner 5-0 Pro is a beneficial app that contains more than 5,000 police, fire, rescue, and other radio broadcasts. The app offers near-location channels based on GPS or 3G/WiFi triangulation, and users can search by country, region, state, and more. Police Scanner 5-0 Pro allows users to save favorite channels and can run in the background. Also, the app comes with ten codes and CB lingo so users can better understand what’s going on in an emergency.

Police Scanner 5-0 Pro on Google Play

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