The 10 Best Sniping Games for Android

Do you love to play as a sniper in war games? Then you are at the correct address! In these games where you will try to shoot your enemies from twelve, you will experience weapons according to your taste, and you will kill your enemies mercilessly by making headshots. We have reviewed and listed the best sniping games for you. Here are the best sniping games for Android!

The Best Sniping Games for Android

Android users seeking the perfect blend of strategy, precision, and intense action are in for a treat with these top-notch sniping games.

Bullet Force

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $34.99

Bullet Force is an action-packed 3d shooter and one of the best sniping games for Android. Players will experience more than 20 iconic weapons such as AK-47s, rifles, and pistols in Bullet Force. Players can customize their weapons with features such as muzzle attachments, 30 weapon camos, multiple optics, and laser sights to increase their power as they fight massive 20-player battles.

Furthermore, the game comes with an offline play feature. Bullet Force offers gamers four fun game modes as Gun Game, Conquest, Free-For-All, and Team Deathmatch.

Bullet Force on Google Play

Modern Combat 5

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $99.99

Modern Combat 5 is a first-person shooter with stunning graphics. The game offers 11 army classes to choose from in solo and team play, and players can become snipers, bandits, commandos, attackers, scouts, and more. In the Battle Royale mode of the game, players will fight with a maximum of 70 players, and Modern Combat 5 offers the opportunity to chat with other players.

With highly customizable classes, players can tailor their loadouts to suit their preferred playstyle, whether it’s a stealthy sniper or a frontline assault specialist. Modern Combat 5 boasts an engaging storyline with diverse missions that take players across the globe, ensuring a dynamic and immersive experience. The multiplayer mode adds an extra layer of excitement, allowing players to compete against others in real-time battles. As a free-to-play game, Modern Combat 5 delivers console-quality FPS gameplay on Android, solidifying its status as a top-tier mobile FPS title.

Modern Combat 5 on Google Play

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Sniper 3D

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $119.99

Sniper 3D is an exciting multiplayer shooter FPS experience and is among the best sniping games for Android. Players will experience online PvP gun shooting with Sniper 3D and compete with millions of users. In the game’s sniper story campaign, players will explore 21 cities and try to complete missions. In the zombie nightmare mode of the game, players will try to save the city.

Moreover, Sniper 3D comes with 150+ sniper rifles and weapons. Players will unlock upgrades as they try to craft the best sniper weapons. The game offers realistic 3D graphics and intuitive game controls.

Sniper 3D on Google Play

Hitman: Sniper

Price: $0.99/In-App Purchase: Up to $49.99

Embark on a covert journey with Hitman Sniper, a game that redefines the sniping genre on Android. Developed by Square Enix, this title immerses players in the shoes of Agent 47, a renowned assassin. With stunning graphics and diverse, challenging scenarios, players traverse through intricate levels, strategically eliminating targets from a distance.

The game’s realism is accentuated by the inclusion of wind and distance variables, requiring players to calculate their shots precisely. As missions unfold in exotic locations, the game introduces a variety of objectives, keeping the gameplay dynamic and engaging. Hitman Sniper’s seamless combination of stealth, strategy, and sharpshooting prowess places it at the pinnacle of Android sniping games.

Hitman: Sniper on Google Play

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Sniper Strike FPS 3D Shooting

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $99.99

Sniper Strike: FPS 3D Shooting is an adrenaline-pumping Android game that takes first-person shooting to the next level. Developed by Mobile Gaming Studios Ltd., this game immerses players in intense sniper missions with stunning 3D visuals and realistic environments. Players step into the shoes of a skilled sniper, tasked with eliminating targets across various scenarios, including challenging landscapes and urban settings.

The game’s dynamic gameplay combines precision shooting with strategic decision-making, offering a well-rounded experience for sniper enthusiasts. Sniper Strike features a diverse range of rifles and weapons, each with unique attributes, allowing players to customize their loadout for optimal performance. With its engaging storyline, impressive graphics, and online multiplayer mode, Sniper Strike FPS 3D Shooting keeps players on the edge of their seats as they navigate through a world of high-stakes sniper missions on their Android devices.

Sniper Strike FPS 3D Shooting on Google Play

UNKILLED – FPS Zombie Games

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $99.99

Unkilled-Best Zombie is a game by the authors of Dead Trigger and Dead Trigger 2 and stands out among the best sniping games for Android. In this action-packed game, players find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world infested with hordes of undead zombies. As a skilled zombie hunter, players embark on challenging missions to eradicate the zombie threat using an extensive arsenal of powerful weapons. The game boasts impressive graphics and realistic animations, immersing players in a visually stunning and immersive gaming experience.

With its intuitive controls and dynamic gameplay, UNKILLED offers fast-paced zombie-shooting action. Players can choose from a variety of characters, each with unique abilities and skills, enhancing the strategic aspect of the game. The cooperative multiplayer mode allows players to team up with friends or other players worldwide to take on the zombie menace together. UNKILLED consistently receives praise for its high-quality graphics, intense gameplay, and regular updates that introduce new content, keeping players engaged in the fight against the undead. For fans of FPS games and zombie survival, UNKILLED stands out as one of the best options available on the Android platform.

Unkilled-Best Zombie  on Google Play

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Dead Trigger 2

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $99.99

Dead Trigger 2 is a zombie-themed sniper game.  In this thrilling zombie apocalypse setting, players take on the role of a skilled survivor tasked with combating the undead and uncovering the mysteries behind the global outbreak. The game is renowned for its stunning graphics, delivering a visually immersive experience as players navigate through diverse environments filled with hordes of relentless zombies.

What sets Dead Trigger 2 apart is its dynamic gameplay and extensive weaponry options. Players can customize and upgrade an arsenal of weapons to suit different combat situations, enhancing the strategic depth of the game. The storyline unfolds through engaging missions, keeping players invested in the narrative as they strive to save humanity. The game also features real-time global missions where players collaborate with others worldwide to achieve common goals. With regular updates introducing new content and challenges, Dead Trigger 2 remains a favorite among fans of FPS and zombie-themed games, offering an intense and action-packed gaming experience on Android devices.

Dead Trigger 2 on Google Play

PUBG Mobile 

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $199.99

PUBG Mobile is one of the popular war games and contains lots of maps and battles. Players will experience action-packed skirmishes in 10-minute matches in PUBG Mobile and experience this fantastic war game anywhere anytime. The game requires a stable network connection and offers a unique experience as it is designed for mobile.

PUBG Mobile’s success lies in its realistic graphics, strategic gameplay, and constant evolution through regular updates. The game provides a diverse range of maps, each with unique landscapes and challenges, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience with every match. With a variety of weapons, vehicles, and playstyles, PUBG Mobile caters to different gaming preferences, fostering a competitive and collaborative community. The introduction of various game modes, including classic, arcade, and event-specific options, adds versatility and keeps players returning for more. PUBG Mobile has become a cultural phenomenon, defining the battle royale genre on Android and offering an unparalleled mobile gaming experience.

PUBG Mobile on Google Play

Critical Ops

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $99.99

Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS is a standout first-person shooter game for Android, known for its intense and fast-paced action. Developed by Critical Force Ltd., this multiplayer game focuses on counter-terrorism and critical scenarios where players can join either the counter-terrorist or terrorist forces. The game’s realistic graphics and smooth controls contribute to an immersive gaming experience, making it a favorite among FPS enthusiasts on the Android platform.

One of the key strengths of Critical Ops is its emphasis on competitive gameplay and strategic team-based combat. Players can engage in thrilling gunfights, utilize a variety of weapons, and coordinate with teammates to achieve objectives. The game’s commitment to fair play and esports has also led to the development of a vibrant esports community, with competitive tournaments and leagues. With regular updates introducing new maps, weapons, and game modes, Critical Ops continues to evolve, ensuring that players always have something fresh and challenging to experience. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive esports enthusiast, Critical Ops delivers an adrenaline-pumping FPS adventure on Android devices.

Critical Ops on Google Play

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Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $94.99

Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS stands out as one of the best sniping games for Android, offering players an exhilarating sniper experience packed with intense missions and strategic gameplay. Developed by Hothead Games, this first-person shooter immerses players in a world of covert operations, where precise marksmanship and tactical skills are crucial for success. The game features a vast array of missions, from stealthy sniper takedowns to all-out assault missions, providing a diverse and engaging experience.

What sets Kill Shot Bravo apart is its attention to detail in graphics, creating realistic environments and lifelike character models. The extensive weapon arsenal allows players to customize their loadouts, choosing from a variety of sniper rifles, assault rifles, and more. The game’s multiplayer mode adds another layer of excitement, enabling players to team up with friends or compete against others globally in real-time PvP battles. Frequent updates introduce new missions, weapons, and events, ensuring that Kill Shot Bravo remains dynamic and keeps players hooked with fresh content. For those seeking an adrenaline-pumping sniper adventure on their Android devices, Kill Shot Bravo offers top-notch graphics, immersive gameplay, and a robust multiplayer experience.

Kill Shot Bravo on Google Play

Embark on a virtual journey where every shot counts, as these Android sniping games redefine the mobile gaming landscape, offering a thrilling and immersive experience for sharpshooters on the go.

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