The 8 Best iPad Productivity Apps

Are any iPad users here? Have you ever thought or wanted to increase your productivity on the iPad? We have listed for you the most special of many apps that you can enjoy using on your iPad and that take your speed and efficiency to the highest levels. If you’re curious, keep reading! Here are the best iPad productivity apps for you!

iA Writer

Price: $49.99

iA Writer is a writing app that eliminates distractions, provides a quiet writing space, and is among the best productivity apps for iPad. The app comes with “Focus Mode”, with this mode users can stay in the flow by dimming everything except the sentence or paragraph they are focusing on. iA Writer offers the possibility of customization so that users have the opportunity to choose their layout. The app has a “light-on-dark mode” and is quite suitable for nighttime use.

In addition, the app removes unnecessary adjectives, incorrect connectors, etc. It detects spelling errors and allows you to create clean text. Users can customize and export their templates with the iA Writer. Check out the app’s website for more information.

iA Writer on the App Store

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PDF Expert

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $79.99

One of my must-have iPad apps, PDF Expert is a very simple and functional app and one of the best iPad productivity apps. Users can open PDF files from any app and use the app as a PDF viewer. The app allows enabling features such as full-text search, scrolling, and zooming in and out. With the Text-to-Speech feature in the app, users can listen to texts. Also, users can add comments to their text with sticky notes and tools to highlight important parts of their text. For more information on the app, check out the PDF Expert website.

PDF Expert on the App Store


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $9.99

Annotable, the image annotation tool, deserves to be one of the best iPad productivity apps. The app has all the common tools such as rectangles, ovals, arrows, lines, and text. Users can customize colors, sizes, outlines, fonts, and more with Annotable. The app offers blur and pixelation features to hide private information. Users can highlight what they want with Spotlights in Annotable.

Furthermore, all results in Annotable are high-resolution images, and all images including screenshots are supported by the app. Users can directly annotate large images without cropping them.

Annotable on the App Store

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Scanbot SDK

Price: Free

​Scanbot SDK is a document and barcode scanner and a highly functional app for iPad. The app is suitable for use on smartphones, tablets, and even wearable devices. ​Scanbot SDK allows browsing even without an internet connection. The app comes with an intuitive interface with user guidance, high-quality document scans, and reviewing captured scans. 

​Moreover, Scanbot SDK offers a Dewarping algorithm, single/multi-page mode, and auto/manual capture mode. With the Scanbot SDK, users can apply various filters such as grayscale, color, black and white and encrypt sensitive information. This quite handy app ranks among the best iPad productivity apps. For more information about Scanbot SDK, you can browse the app’s website.

Scanbot SDK on the App Store

Goodnotes 5

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $12.99

GoodNotes is an app loved by its users for the productivity-enhancing features that make it possible to access digital notes anywhere. The app has a variety of unique covers and useful paper templates such as blank Paper, checklists, lined Paper, planners, Cornell paper, and to-do. GoodNotes allows adding, creating, and importing stickers, diagrams, images, tables, and more. Users can draw perfect shapes and lines and easily share them with their loved ones with the “Shape Tool” feature in the app. For more detailed information about the app, you can visit the GoodNotes website.

Goodnotes 5 on the App Store

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iCab Mobile

Price: $2.99/In-App Purchase: Up to $5.99

iCab Mobile is a web browser that aims to make web browsing easy. The app allows opening multiple web pages at the same time with tabs and uploading files and photos to websites. Users can effortlessly download files directly to the device with the app’s download manager.

In addition, users can remove all toolbars with “Full-Screen Mode” in the app. iCab Mobile allows users to expand the search features and add new search engines. For more detailed information, go to the website of the app.

iCab Mobile on the App Store


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $19.99

The paste is an app that keeps and stores everything you copy at your fingertips. Users can easily access images, photos, files, texts, and even links that they have copied from their other devices with the app. Paste allows you to select the apps you don’t want to track, which can free up storage space. Check out Paste’s website for more detailed information.

Paste on the App Store

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Price: $1.99/In-App Purchase:

AnyFont, which allows loading fonts in OpenType font- (.otf), TrueType font- (.ttf), or TrueType Collection- (.ttc) formats, has the feature of transferring saved/loaded fonts to apps such as Pages, Word, PowerPoint, Keynote. Users can add multiple fonts as ZIP or TTC files with AnyFont. 

Furthermore, users can preview your fonts and gain access to more than 1,000 fonts with in-app purchases. The app comes with Dark Mode support and a complete list of all installed fonts. For more information about the app, you can visit AnyFont’s website.

AnyFont on the App Store

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