Audio is the number one productivity booster, Spotify study finds

According to a recent study conducted by Spotify, audio is the key driver to success during productivity moments, with 37% of survey respondents citing that it is the number one productivity booster.

Spotify says that user-generated “focus” playlists created on-platform globally increased by 26% over the past year of social distancing. 

75% of respondents agreed that the type of audio should be tailored to what they’re doing. 

69% of respondents said ambient or chill music is better for studying, with 67% indicating ‘slower’ beats are key for their study sessions.  

Roughly 80% of respondents said listening to something helps them focus, tune out distractions, and create their own space. 

Spotify also found that streams of its Focus Hub are highest in the afternoons, between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. The top three most popular playlists worldwide within the Spotify Focus Hub:

Top-Streamed Chill/Ambient Track

64% of respondents said that when doing housework or making home improvements, they prefer to listen to high-energy music with a faster BPM, while 43% of respondents said they are more likely to listen to instrumental music when writing creatively or analyzing data/information. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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