Spotify’s app update rejected by Apple over EU pricing information

Image Source: MacRumors

Spotify has hit another roadblock with Apple as the tech giant rejected its latest app update, which included pricing information for users in the European Union. The Swedish company submitted the new version of its iOS app with basic pricing and website information, a minimum requirement under the European Commission’s ruling in its music streaming case. However, Apple sent a direct response rejecting the update, according to Spotify’s announcement on Wednesday.

The rejection adds fuel to the ongoing feud between the two tech giants, with Spotify accusing Apple of defying the European Commission’s decision. Spotify’s spokesperson criticized Apple for rejecting the update, stating that it highlights Apple’s disregard for consumers and developers and its disdain for the law.

The latest development comes after Brussels fined Apple 1.84 billion euros ($1.97 billion) in March for anticompetitive behavior related to its App Store restrictions, following a 2019 complaint from Spotify. The European Commission’s decision aimed to address concerns about Apple’s monopoly power in the app distribution market.

Apple’s rejection of Spotify’s app update raises questions about its compliance with the European Union mandate to allow music streaming apps to inform users of alternative payment methods. While Apple proposed measures to comply with the mandate, including allowing apps to include links to their websites for payment options outside the App Store, Spotify’s update did not include the in-app link.

The rejection highlights the ongoing tension between Apple and Spotify over App Store policies and fees. Spotify has been vocal about its opposition to Apple’s 30% commission on in-app purchases, arguing that it gives Apple an unfair advantage over rival music streaming services.

Despite the setback, Spotify remains committed to providing transparent pricing information to its users in the EU. The company continues to advocate for fair competition and consumer choice in the digital marketplace, challenging Apple’s control over the App Store ecosystem.

As the dispute unfolds, both Spotify and Apple are likely to face increased scrutiny from regulators and consumers, with the outcome potentially shaping the future of app distribution and competition in the digital music streaming industry.

Written by Sophie Blake


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