Spotify stands firm against Apple’s new App Store terms in the EU

Image Source: MacRumors

Spotify has taken a defiant stance against Apple’s new business terms in the European Union, opting not to adopt them and submitting an app update instead, TechCrunch reported. The update includes pricing information for users in the EU, but notably excludes links prompting users to subscribe outside of the App Store.

Last month, Spotify attempted to submit an update to the App Store that included such links, but it was not approved by Apple. According to reports, Spotify did not properly request an entitlement from Apple to include the links, which would have subjected the company to a 27% commission.

The new version of the Spotify app submitted this week features basic pricing details and instructions on how to subscribe outside the App Store, aligning with the European Commission’s ruling on music streaming services. However, it omits direct links to Spotify’s website.

Dustee Jenkins, Spotify’s chief public affairs officer, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing consumers with a choice without increased costs. Jenkins stated, “Despite Apple’s attempts to punish developers with new fees, we remain committed to giving consumers a real choice in our app at no increased cost.”

Spotify’s decision not to opt into Apple’s new business terms is significant. These terms, offered in response to the Digital Markets Act, would allow Spotify to use alternative payment methods, pay lower commissions to Apple, and offer its app for download outside the App Store. However, Spotify has rebuffed the Core Technology Fee component, which charges €0.50 per annual install for popular apps.

TechCrunch’s report also indicates that Spotify is steadfast in its refusal to opt into the new business terms, reiterating its commitment to challenging Apple’s practices and advocating for consumer choice. As the dispute between Spotify and Apple continues, the European Commission’s enforcement of its ruling remains a pivotal factor in shaping the future of app distribution and competition in the EU.

Last month, Apple faced a hefty $2 billion fine from the European Union for what was deemed as “abusive” App Store rules regarding music streaming services. Alongside the fine, the European Commission mandated that Apple must ease its anti-steering rules.

Written by Maya Robertson


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