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The exhausting routine of our daily lives can sometimes prevent us from having fun. But the smartphones that we always carry with us offer an easy solution to this and we can meet our entertainment needs with mobile games. As a result, the mobile game industry is growing day by day, and the number of games in the market is increasing continuously. And we continue to introduce you to the best mobile apps and games in Hot Apps category. Today’s guest, is now one of the most popular games on the App Store. Let’s get started and get to know the best iOS game of the day in detail!

Trending 3D Trivia Game –

Most people, including me, like testing their knowledge and Trivia games offer us the opportunity to do it in a fun way. As you can see from its name, is also in this game category and is now one of the favourite games of iOS users.

So how to play The game asks you some questions and asks you to place your people in the answers. While people who are on the right answer remain alive, people who are on the wrong option fall. The questions get harder as you level up.

Now it’s time for’s App Store rankings.

App Store Rankings of

Below you can see the App Store rankings of, provided by AppAnnie.

As of Feb 22nd, on the App Store, is;

  • #1 in the GB – Trivia (Games) category,
  • #2 in the GB – Arcade (Games) category,
  • #2 in the GB – Overall category,
  • #2 in the GB – Games category,
  • #1 in the US – Trivia (Games) category,
  • #2 in the US – Arcade (Games) category,
  • #4 in the US – Overall category,
  • #3 in the US – Games category,
  • #2 in the CA – Trivia (Games) category,
  • #3 in the Ca – Arcade (Games) category, – App Store Reviews

The best iOS game of the day has 6956 app ratings on the App Store. 

The average app rating is 4.54 out of 5. – App Requirements

To download and play on your iOS device, make sure you have 562.2MB free storage. The game requires iOS 9.0 and up.

How To Download

If you want to download from the App Store, all you need is to click here.

Have you ever played the best iOS game of the day before? What are your thoughts? Let us know and visit Hot Apps for more!

Written by Maya Robertson


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