Google To Review Android Apps Tracking Location In The Background

Our lives are becoming more and more digital every day, mobile applications have an important place in our lives, but the reliability of most of these applications is still a matter of concern. Application markets continue to fight against malicious mobile applications that threaten the security of users. We shared with you in our previous blog post that Google Play Store, one of the biggest application markets, has removed many mobile applications that require unnecessary access. Now, the tech giant has announced that it will review applications that track users’ location information in the background.

Most of the Android apps available on the Google Play Store track users’ location information even if they don’t need it. These apps running in the background have many bad effects, such as reducing the phone’s battery life.

Android 10 users have the chance to limit such apps and Android 11 is expected to come with similar solutions. But these solutions will only help Android users with the latest versions. A solution was also required for users with versions lower than Android 10. Google is now preparing to make changes to the Play Store Policy to help these users with the location tracking problem.

According to the new rules set by Google, Android app developers will now need approval from Google before requesting location access.

As we took a closer look at background location usage, we found that many of the apps that requested background location didn’t actually need it. In fact, many of these apps could provide the same user experience by only accessing location when the app is visible to the user. We want to make it easier for users to choose when to share their location and they shouldn’t be asked for a permission that the app doesn’t need.

Safer and More Transparent Access to User Location by Google

As you can see above, Google will no longer offer app developers the chance to track locations in the background, which do not have sufficient reason. Developers will need to get approval from Google before requesting location access. If Google approves, they will be able to add the feature to their apps.

So how will the Google Play Store review team decide if app developers need location access? They will answer these questions:

The new rules taken by Google for mobile applications requesting unnecessary permission for tracking location in the background will take effect in April this year. Other important dates are as follows:

User security is of great importance in our world where mobile applications have reached such an important position. Google continues to work to provide users with a safer experience.

So what do you think about Google’s new policy? Do not forget to share your comments with us and visit our Mobile Marketing Blog.

Written by Maya Robertson


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