40% of the top apps in the US request access to background location

Image Source: Apptopia (Forbes)

According to recent data by Apptopia (via Forbes), the top three app permissions that iOS apps request globally are photos, camera and foreground location, your location accessed when you’re using the app. 

However, 40% of top 1,500 iOS apps in the United States and %51 in China request users to give background location permission.

While another 25% of top apps ask for contacts and Bluetooth permissions which can be used to track user location, not more than 1% request HomeKit integration to enable Siri to control lights. 

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As reported by Forbes, the majority of apps globally request access to your photos which usually include EXIF metadata which can also be used for determining your location. 

According to the data, 66% of apps in the United States ask for foreground location, 40% ask for microphone permission, and another 25% ask for Bluetooth privileges which, again, can be used to access your location. 

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Image Source Apptopia Forbes

While the top three permissions that iOS apps in China ask for are the same as in the United States, 91% of apps in the country request photo access (vs. 78% in the US), 85% request camera access (vs. 68% in the US) and 76% request location access (vs. 66% in the US).

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Permissions requested by Top 1,500 Indian iOS apps: 

Image Source Apptopia Forbes

Permissions requested by Top 1,500 UK iOS apps: 

Image Source Apptopia Forbes

And permissions requested by Top 1,500 German iOS apps: 

Image Source Apptopia Forbes

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