3 Tips: Make Your Mobile App Stand Out In Foreign Countries

In today’s world, geographical borders are not a problem thanks to the advantages provided by the internet. In particular, mobile applications that are space and time independent are in high demand by almost everyone. They not only enable businesses to interact with their target audiences in the most convenient way but also enable them to reach wider audiences. Thus, in the physical world, businesses that can offer their products and services only in a particular city or a country have the opportunity to open up to the world with mobile applications.

It is a well-known fact that there is a significant increase in the success of mobile applications that are made available in foreign markets. Because global mobile applications give you the opportunity to reach a user thousands of miles away.

So, how can you make your mobile app stand out in foreign countries? Here are some tips for you!

Start by Analyzing The Market

As in every field, the golden rule of preparing your mobile application for foreign markets is to start by analyzing the market. It is very important to examine the applications that are in demand in the market you’re going to serve in, to know which applications stand out in this market and their common points. 

Examine the market conditions that vary from country to country in as much detail as possible. In addition, it should not be ignored that each country has its own culture. Therefore, not every application can be accepted by every country and culture. In this sense, examine your application from an objective point of view considering these cultural differences.

Offer Multi-Language Support

With a mobile application that supports local languages, you can gain a significant advantage in the competition. Users want to use services and products in their own language. Give them what they want.

Source <a href=httpswwwstatistacomstatistics262946share of the most common languages on the internet>httpswwwstatistacomstatistics262946share of the most common languages on the internet<a>

Above you can see the most commonly used languages on the Internet. English ranks first, Chinese ranks second and Spanish ranks third. Considering these statistics and your market analysis, you can start adding different language supports to your application.

By the way, no matter which country you are in, we strongly recommend you to add English language support.

Localize It!

Please note that translating a mobile application into different languages is not enough to open up to different countries. You also need to localize your application. Localization, which allows applications to be tailored to different cultures, will significantly help you to globalize.

Localization is also important in terms of UX. For example, a design that is compatible with different languages and alphabets will leave a positive impact on the users. In the design process, it is also important to remember that colours can have different meanings in different cultures.

Learn more from our Mobile App Localization article.

Social Media Marketing & Influencer Marketing

Especially when you enter a new market, the fastest way to reach your target audience is social media marketing. Choose the social media platforms where you can promote your mobile application the best and make sure you use them actively. Don’t forget to use social media ads such as Facebook App Install Ads to reach your audience in a faster way. 

You can also take advantage of the power of Influencer Marketing to collaborate with people who addresses your target audience the best. 

Today, we talked about how to get your app ready for foreign countries. Use these tips to make your app stand out in foreign markets and don’t forget to visit MMR for more!  

Written by Maya Robertson


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