SIM Cards in 29 Countries Are Vulnerable To Simjacker Attacks

SIM cards enable mobile phones to benefit from the GSM infrastructure, a mobile communication protocol, and plays an important role in communication. An attack mechanism called Simjacker emerged last month and affected millions of users. After a short period of time, Adaptive Mobile Security published an important report about SIM card security. 

With Simjacker, attackers can access SIM card user’s personal and location informations. More than that, they can also send messages with this mechanism. This mechanism is called ‘’a very serious security vulnerability’’ by many people and claimed to be known for many years.

Published their report on SimJacker, Adaptive Mobile Security announced the number of operators and countries affected by these attacks. Let’s have a look in details.

Countries marked red in the image above are grappling with the danger of SimJacker attacks. The malicious software threatening the customers of 61 mobile operators, also targets people using S@T and wireless internet browser technologies.

29 countries and 61 operators using S@T scanners were shaken by these attacks. The report also tells that 7 countries and 8 operators using wireless internet browser are the target of SimJackers. 

Let’s have a look at the countries affected by SimJacker attacks.

  • North America: Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Dominican Republic Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize and Panama.
  • South America: Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.
  • Africa: Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Ivory Coast and Cameroon.
  • Europe: Italy, Bulgaria and Cyprus.
  • Asia / Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon.

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Written by Maya Robertson


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