Facebook Sued Over Calibra’s Logo

Facebook’s own cryptocurrency project ‘’Libra’’ keeps having various problems. In the previous days PayPal announced that they left Libra Cryptocurrency Association and many others such as Visa and Mastercard followed PayPal making the same decision. Now, Facebook is facing a lawsuit as the logo of Calibra, the name of the cryptocurrency, is very similar to the logo of a mobile bank ‘’Current’’.

A few months ago, Facebook announced its own cryptocurrency project ‘’Libra’’. They started with many supporters in the beginning but many of them dropped their support later on. PayPal is the first one leaving Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency Association. Then Mastercard, Visa, Mercado Pago and Stripe followed PayPal with the same decision

Now, Facebook’s Libra is facing an another big problem. A mobile bank named Current sued Facebook due to Calibra’s logo.

The bank filed a lawsuit against Facebook on October 11st. According to Current, the logo of Calibra “is not only confusingly similar to, but virtually identical to the Current Marks.” As you can see above, there is really no difference between the two logos except for some small details. Things get interesting here cause later on it was found out that the both logos were designed by the same logo designer company.

The San Francisco-based company ‘Character’ designed both the Current’s and Calibra’s logos and it seems like Calibra have copied Current’s homework. In the meantime, it is worth mentioning that there are about three years between the two logos and it is also thought that the designer company may be the same but the team may be different.

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Written by Sophie Blake


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