172 Malicious Applications Found on Google Play

Google Play Store is a home of millions of application. But it looks like Google is in trouble with some of them. According to a report by a malware researcher at ESET, more than 170 malicious applications were found on Google Play Store only last month.

Google Play Store seems to be in trouble with malicious apps. A few days ago, a malware researcher from ESET published a report of approximately 172 malicious applications detected in September alone. The researcher shared the results on his Twitter account.

As you can see above, the malware category includes applications affected by adware, subscription scams, hidden ads and apps, SMS premium subscription, and more. It looks like many Android users were affected from these applications already. Total number of installs of these applications is more than 335 million.

This is not the only analysis showing the existence of malicious apps on Google Play. Weeks ago, The threat research team of a security firm, Wandera, discovered two different applications on Google Play that contain adware. The applications that were detected, ‘’Sun Pro Beauty Camera’’ and ‘’Fun Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera’’ were removed from Google Play.

Eyes are now on Google Play. Many people think they should be more careful while approving an application and they should take strict examination actions. What do you think?

Written by Maya Robertson


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