YouTube and X lead the charge in social media advertising attention – report

In the dynamic landscape of social media advertising, YouTube has emerged as the undisputed champion, dominating other platforms in terms of social media ad attention, according to eMarketer’s Industry KPI data via Adelaide. This reaffirms YouTube’s status as a powerhouse for advertising, maintaining its leading position despite fluctuations.

Adelaide’s social attention metric (AU) ranks various social platforms based on their ability to capture attention and yield impactful outcomes for ad placements. YouTube’s AU saw fluctuations throughout 2023, starting strong in Q1 and Q2 with a rise from 67.15 to 70.65 before dipping to 63 in the latter half of the year. Despite this dip, YouTube remained far ahead of its closest competitor, platform X, which recorded a Q4 AU of 33.5.

Interestingly, X emerged as a surprisingly robust contender for social attention, surpassing platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat. X’s strong performance, despite its smaller size, underscores its potential effectiveness in reaching specific target audiences and demographics.

Meanwhile, podcast ads showcased remarkable resilience throughout 2023, outperforming all platforms except YouTube. This demonstrates the inherent ability of podcasting to naturally captivate consumer attention. Despite minor fluctuations, podcasting AU remained relatively stable throughout the year, showcasing its enduring appeal in the advertising realm.

With the impending phase-out of third-party cookies by Google, a seismic shift in digital advertising looms large, leaving many marketers feeling unprepared. As marketers grapple with this transition, platforms that can deliver robust attention for ads within their ecosystems, without relying on external factors, are poised to become pivotal spending grounds.

In this evolving landscape, X remains a formidable contender for advertisers, offering promising results when targeting specific audiences. This suggests that advertisers should closely monitor X’s upcoming video pivot, recognizing its potential to deliver compelling advertising opportunities.

Written by Maya Robertson


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