Optimal ad engagement: Shopping, news, and social media platforms lead the way

According to Q3 2023 data from Integral Ad Science revealed by Insider Intelligence, US consumers exhibit varying levels of receptiveness across different types of websites. Key statistics reveal that shopping, news, social media, and entertainment sites take the lead, with percentages ranging from 34% to 36%.

Diving deeper into the data, no single type of website surpasses the 36% mark, indicating a general reluctance among consumers to embrace ads. This reluctance raises questions about the effectiveness of ad campaigns across diverse online platforms. However, the silver lining lies in the fact that shopping sites emerge as the most receptive, with 36% of consumers showing openness to advertisements.

For retailers, this data is particularly encouraging as it suggests a positive environment for retail media search and display ads on their websites. Capitalizing on this receptivity could lead to more effective ad campaigns, driving engagement and potentially boosting sales.

On the flip side, while consumers express a certain level of acceptance towards ads on news and entertainment sites, advertisers may face challenges in converting this engagement into actual transactions. The nature of browsing on these platforms typically doesn’t align with an immediate intent to make purchases, making the conversion process more intricate.

The data suggest that marketers should carefully navigate the diverse landscape of online platforms, tailoring their ad strategies to align with consumer preferences on each type of website. Understanding the nuances of receptivity across shopping, news, social media, and entertainment sites is key to crafting successful and targeted digital advertising campaigns in an ever-evolving market.

When we look at the trends predicted for 2024, it also shows that brand marketing investments will be popular among marketers this year. According to a recent study by WARC, 36% of global marketers are planning to increase their investments in brand marketing for the current year. This notable figure signifies a substantial surge of 13 percentage points compared to the data from 2022, highlighting a notable strategic shift in the priorities of marketing professionals.

When it comes to social network ad spend, we will also experience a growing trend this year. Anticipated to reach $82.89 billion this year, ad spending on social networks in the United States is poised for a significant surge. This surpasses the earlier projections made in Q1 2023 by a substantial $7.81 billion, portraying a vibrant advertising landscape that outperforms initial expectations.

Written by Sophie Blake


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