60% of engagement on media platforms happens on mobile -Newzoo

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A new report from games market research company Newzoo found that mobile has become the dominant platform for media consumption as consumers spend an average of 4.3 hours on their mobile devices per day, but 3 hours on other devices such as PC and TV.

For the ‘’A New Era of Engagement in Media & Entertainment’’ report, Newzoo conducted a survey with 2,699 consumers in the United States between the ages of 10-50, to shed light on how Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X engage with various forms of media and entertainment.

According to the report, every week, 96% of consumers participated in the survey spend an average of 13.12 hours engaging with social media & video sharing apps, 94% spend 13.92 hours engaging with broadcast TV & subscription services, and 87% spend 10.7 hours engaging with radio, podcasts, and music apps.

Meanwhile, 84% of consumers spend 11.80 hours on video games and virtual worlds, and 75% spend 6.56 hours on news apps, websites, blogs, and magazines.

Image Source Newzoo

The study found that 60% of engagement on media platforms takes place on mobile devices. On the category basis, mobile drives 55% of engagement on video games and virtual worlds, 73% on social media & video sharing platforms, 46% on broadcast TV & subscription services, 68% on radio, podcasts and music apps, and 60% on news apps, websites, blogs and magazines. 

Broadcast TV & subscription services is the only category dominated by non-mobile devices, particularly TV. Meanwhile, Newzoo also revealed that services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Max drive 62% of time consumers spend watching TV.

Image Source Newzoo

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