Half of Gen Z and Gen Alpha spend money on games

Image Source: Newzoo

More than half of Gen Z (born 1995-2009) and Gen Alpha (born 2010 or later) players now spend money on video games, according to a new report from Newzoo.

52% of Gen Z and 51% of Gen Alpha players that participated in the company’s survey said that they made an in-game purchase over the last six months. Among Gen Alpha, 33% of them spent money on mobile games, 27% spent on console games and 18% spent on PC games. Among Gen Z players, 33% of them were mobile payers, 23% were console payers and 22% were PC payers.

Meanwhile, 42% of players from other age groups surveyed reported spending money on games in the last 6 months. 26% of them were mobile payers, 20% of them were console payers and 18% of them were PC payers.

The Gen Alpha & Gen Z – The Future of Gaming report also revealed how often the different generations play games across different platforms.

Over the last 6 months, Gen Alpha users spent 6 hours 49 minutes, Gen Z spent 6 hours 10 minutes and the other generations spent 5 hours playing games per week on average. 

Mobile was the most popular platform for playing games among all the generations. 73% of Gen Alpha participants said they played games on their mobile devices in the last six months, compared to 69% of Gen Z and 60% of the other demographics. Meanwhile, 41% of Gen Alpha, 42% of Gen Z and 34% of the total online population said they played on their PCs. 

Console was the second most popular platform among only Gen Alpha players with 46% of them reporting they played console games over the same period, compared to 38% of Gen Z and 31% of the other generations.

Image Source: Newzoo

The report also found that 28% of Gen Alpha and 30% of Gen Z players think multiplayer and social aspects are the most attractive features of a video game. The ability to explore new worlds is another important factor for them when choosing video games.

Image Source: Newzoo

In addition, younger generations interact with video games in ways other than only playing them. 70% of Gen Alpha and 68% of Gen Z said they also watch gaming content. Esports content is very popular among both generations, with 32% of Gen Alpha and 33% of Gen Z players reported viewing such content.

Image Source: Newzoo

According to another recent report from Newzoo, player spending on games in Brazil surpassed $2.7 billion.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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