X and YouTube may no longer get customer support from Apple

Apple is planning to cut customer support across some social media platforms, MacRumors reports, citing multiple anonymous sources. The platforms include X (formerly known as Twitter), YouTube, and the Apple Support Community website. The decision will take effect later this year. 

Users who need customer support receive direct replies from Apple employees regarding their issue in hand. Currently, on X, mentioning @AppleSupport helps users get customer service, a quick reply assistance or an option to continue the conversations via direct message. A similar service is available in the comment section of the videos that are uploaded on the Apple Support YouTube channel. After October 1, 2023, they will receive an automated reply leading them to other ways to get assistance from Apple. 

The change will have an impact on over 150 employees, who are reportedly offered to switch to a phone-based support role. However, some advisors can not make the switch while some others simply do not want to. Apple shared they will not allow them to switch to another chat-based role except if it is medically necessary. 

Employees that accept to switch to a phone-based role will get training, which is expected to be completed by the time the change will start. In addition, those who are unwilling to make the switch were advised to explore opportunities to work outside of Apple. This has caused negative feelings for some members of the social media team.

Although Apple did not comment on the matter yet, the sources said Apple shared the reason to be many customers preferring phone-based support, in a meeting with employees.

Since 2017, Apple has been providing customer support on then-named Twitter. After its acquisition by Elon Musk, the company has experienced a lot of challenges in the tech world- specifically with Apple. Near the end of 2022, Musk said Apple has fully resumed advertising on then-named Twitter. Following this news, it was reported in January that over 500 top advertisers have left the platform

Since then, Twitter was rebranded as ‘X’. And to lure back the advertisers, the company offered various ad incentives, and eased its ad policies by allowing cannabis ads in certain U.S. states and lifting its long-standing ban on political ads on the platform. In June, Musk said advertisers are returning

Additionally, YouTube was recently accused of violating Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency.  

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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