Videobot raises €2M to revolutionize online customer engagement

Photo Credit: Videobot

A Finnish startup named Videobot has managed to secure €2 million (around £1.7 million) in seed funding from investors like Superhero Capital from Finland, Expon Capital Digital Tech Fund from Luxembourg, as well as angel investors Urban Gillstrom from Sweden and Ari Korhonen from Finland. 

The main goal of the startup, which was founded in 2022, is to change the way companies engage with their customers online by using personalized and interactive videos. This new injection of funds will help Videobot grow its business faster, especially in Europe and the United States. Currently, the company has more than 200 customers spread across 15 countries and various industries.

Videobot’s unique platform combines the power of chatbots and videos. This allows companies to provide instant demonstrations of their products and easily explain complicated details about what they offer. The company shares that businesses using their platform have seen an impressive 98% increase in people interacting with their content, a whopping 150% rise in the time customers spend on their websites, and a significant 36% jump in the number of potential sales leads after implementing Videobot.

The best part is that integrating Videobot’s technology into a company’s website is super simple. It takes just minutes and can be done using small tools called widgets or plug-ins. What’s even better is that this technology works smoothly on any device, whether it’s a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. Videobot doesn’t stop there – it also gives valuable advice to its users about the best ways to create videos that capture people’s attention and generate more interest, which eventually leads to more sales. While most companies use Videobot for getting more potential customers, the platform can also be used for other things, like helping customers throughout their journey with a company.

For example, a popular gaming company called Supercell is using Videobot on its Human Resources (HR) website to attract new talent and grow its team. Other businesses are taking advantage of Videobot’s capabilities to make the process of welcoming new employees much smoother. It’s clear that Videobot’s interactive video approach is making waves in various areas of business. With the new funding, this Finnish startup is all set to take its innovative solution to even more companies around the world, changing the way we engage with online content and businesses in a more interactive and engaging way.

“80 percent of internet traffic today is vide,” stated Anssi Kiviranta, Videobot Co-founder. “Videobot represents a paradigm shift in online communication. Our platform seamlessly integrates the convenience of chatbots with the engaging power of short videos, opening new horizons for businesses to connect with their audiences.”

According to a recent forecast from Insider Intelligence, social media dynamics shift from video to text

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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