Users Will Be Able to Use Direct Messages on Instagram’s Web Version

Instagram, one of the most popular photo and video sharing platforms, is preparing to add a Facebook Messenger-like messaging section to its web version. This development can please those who use Instagram mostly over the web.

Instagram, which recently announced Dark Mode and AR shopping feature, is now on the front burner with another update. This new update will affect those who use Instagram over the web cause they will be able to use DM (Direct Message) feature on the website of Instagram without needing an application.

There are huge differences between Instagram’s website and mobile application. Of course, this is not surprising as Instagram wants to keep its users on mobile. But, you can neither upload photos nor send messages from the web version and it prevented website users from using Instagram effectively on their browsers.

The social media giant has taken action to increase the user audience in the web version of Instagram and rolled up its sleeves to add DM, the direct message section, to its web interface.

The new feature was discovered by Hong Kong developer Jane Manchun Wong, who has a successful track record in discovering new features of social media platforms.

Wong says the DMs have an interface similar to Facebook Messenger and are listed in the sidebar.

It looks like especially influencers and business account users will fall in love with this feature as answering hundreds of people over the phone is not that easy.

It is not yet clear when the feature, which is currently being tested by a small audience, will be available. Stay tuned for the latest news! 

Written by Jordan Bevan


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