Twitter to offer more control for ad placements starting next week

Twitter sent an email to advertisers on Thursday informing them about its new ad controls that will be rolled out starting next week, allowing them to prevent their ads from being shown next to content with specific keywords, Reuters reported.

The news comes just a week after the social media company announced its ‘’biggest ad incentive ever’’ to encourage marketers to increase their ad spending, and win back those that halted their ad campaigns on the platform expressing concerns over content moderation and Twitter’s uncertainty after Elon Musk completed the $44 billion takeover in October.

The new CEO said last month that Twitter, which generates 90% of its revenue from online advertising, saw a ‘’massive drop in revenue due to activist groups pressuring advertisers’’.

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According to Reuters, a source familiar with the matter said that a Twitter representative had a call with an advertising industry group yesterday, where they said the company is planning to bring back its content moderators, which would help them to devote more resources to moderation for languages other than English.

Earlier this week, Twitter’s new VP of Trust and Safety Ella Irwin also said that the company is planning to rely more on automated content moderation, and that the recent mass lay-offs didn’t have a significant impact on its moderation team and other teams that are in charge of “critical areas” such as child safety.

Snap stops advertising on Twitter

The Washington Post reported this Tuesday that Twitter placed ads for companies including Amazon, Uber and Snap, on the profiles of white nationalists.

According to the email sent yesterday, the company has now stopped showing ads on those accounts, and that they were not part of the general amnesty that Elon Musk announced late last month.

We will not be reinstating bad actors, spam accounts and users that engaged in criminal/illegal activity,” the company said.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Snap told Reuters that they stopped advertising on Twitter as they look into the matter.

Twitter Blue to relaunch on Friday

The email also said that Twitter would start rolling out the new version of its Blue subscription on Friday. The company first launched the service earlier last month, but halted the sign-ups soon after some accounts impersonated celebrities and organizations. In order to prevent that, the new version will use different color check for organizations than individuals, Elon Musk said.

Twitter has also made changes to the monthly price of the subscription, which will now cost $11 when bought through Twitter’s iOS app, but $7 when purchased through its website.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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