TikTok declined 2 million seller account registrations in H2 2023

TikTok revealed in its Shop Safety Report that it had blocked over two million sellers and prevented 37 million items from being listed on TikTok Shop during the latter half of 2023. 

As part of its efforts, TikTok onboarded over six million sellers onto its platform, rigorously assessing their products before allowing them to be listed. This proactive approach helped prevent 37 million products from being listed due to policy violations, TikTok said. Additionally, the platform removed an additional 133,000 individual products post-listing that failed to meet its standards.

TikTok also deactivated one million seller accounts and removed their products due to policy violations. Furthermore, TikTok Shop held creators accountable by removing ecommerce features from over 500,000 creators who violated policies.

Jan Wilk, Head of Operations at TikTok Shop, emphasized the platform’s commitment to transparency and safety, stating, “As we expand TikTok Shop to new markets and grow our community, we are committed to being transparent about our efforts to keep the platform safe. We have invested heavily in tools, technology, and people to build a shopping experience that people can trust, and we will continue to develop our policies, processes, and enforcement so that people can enjoy a safe experience when they use TikTok Shop.”

In its recent economic impact report, TikTok unveiled remarkable figures: the popular short-form video app contributed a whopping $14.7 billion to small- to midsize businesses (SMBs) in the past year alone. This staggering amount was further bolstered by an additional $24.2 billion in total economic activity driven by small businesses leveraging the platform.

Written by Sophie Blake


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