TikTok removed 81 million videos for violating its guidelines in Q2

TikTok said in its Q2 2021 Community Guidelines Enforcement Report that it removed 81,518,334 videos from its platform from April to June 2021 for violating its community guidelines, representing less than 1% of all videos uploaded. 

The company said that 93% of those videos were identified and removed within 24 hours of being posted, 94.1% before being reported by a TikTok user, and 87.5% at zero views. TikTok, which rolled out a technology that automatically detects and removes content that violates its policies in July, stated that 20% of the 81 million videos removed in Q2 were handled through this technology.

The five markets with the largest volume of removed videos were the United States (11,431,198), Pakistan (9,851,404), Brazil (7,488,608), Russia (4,759,623) and Indonesia (4,743,066).

In Q2, 14,871,412 accounts were removed from TikTok for violating Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. This includes 11,205,597 suspected underage accounts that were removed for potentially belonging to a person under the age of 13, which is less than 1% of all accounts on TikTok. 

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The company also says, from April-June, it stopped 148,759,987 fake accounts from being created and removed 8,542,037 videos posted by spam accounts.

TikTok also rejected 1,829,219 ads for violating advertising policies and guidelines during the second quarter.

Written by Maya Robertson


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