The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger marketing is one of today’s hottest and most active digital marketing opportunities. Why? Because, according to TechCrunch, 1.3 billion people worldwide are actively using Facebook Messenger. However, only a small number of businesses use this marketing strategy.

So what is Facebook Messenger Marketing? How does it work? What advantages does it provide? How does it differ from other types of digital marketing? Let’s start our ultimate guide to Facebook Messenger Marketing.

What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger Marketing, in its simplest definition, is the type of marketing focusing on communicating with customers and potential customers through the Facebook Messenger application. In this marketing type, chatbots are in the front line.

So how do these chatbots communicate with you? Actually, there’s more than one way. For example, many users send the same message to everyone on their list via Facebook Messenger. When this message arrives, you click it and start talking to a chatbot.

Another way is “Comment Guard. The chatbot will send you a message when you leave a comment or like a post. Thus, instead of sending messages to everyone, you only contact users who are interested in your service or product.

What are the Advantages of Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Higher Opening Rates

If we are going to talk about the advantages of Messenger marketing, we should first mention the opening rates. When you look at the last years you will see a large increase in the number of people who prefer to talk with a chatbot. According to Headliner Labs’ research, people are 3.5 times more willing to open Facebook Messenger messages than marketing emails. Because messaging is faster and more simultaneous than other communication channels. This dramatically increases the opening rate of the messages.

More Personalization

Another advantage of Facebook Messenger Marketing is that it gives you a more personalized marketing experience. Personalization significantly increases clickthrough rates and helps you reach your audience. You can make your marketing activities more effective by using the data you collect with chatbots for more personal messages and posts.

Chatbots Can Sell Your Products

Chatbots are designed to interact with customers from the beginning to the end of their shopping experience. So if you start talking to a chatbot, you will not only recognize a product or service. You can also buy a product.

Designed specifically to receive these payments, chatbots can make the payment process very easy. You don’t need to switch to another page or fill in extra information. This not only increases the usability of the Messenger application but also provides very important revenue for your business.

How Can You Use Facebook Messenger Marketing More Effectively?

Messenger applications offer you high opening rates, 24/7 customer service and many more. But it is still in your hands to get more effective results. With a few small tips, you can take your marketing strategies to the next level.

Motivate Your Audience

Instead of sharing intense content and ads every time, you can share small messages and inspirational quotes once in a while. This increases both your readability and your chances of staying in the minds of users. Find and share the most appropriate content for your audience by taking care to be more memorable.

Collect Customer Feedback

You can use Facebook Messenger chatbots to provide a better shopping experience as well as to increase after-sales customer satisfaction. These chatbots are also a great tool for gathering customer feedback and conducting surveys.

As a result, Facebook Messenger Marketing is now widely used by many brands, thanks to its high opening rates and more personalized advertising campaigns. You can grow your business quickly using Facebook Messenger Marketing, and reach a wider audience in a shorter time. Visit MMR for more blog posts like this.

Written by Sophie Blake


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