The 12 Best Rhythm Games for Android

Music, which is an integral part of our lives, has found its counterpart in games as a genre for a long time. Rhythm games, which were once one of the most popular games on consoles, now appear with very successful versions on mobile devices. In this article, we’ve brought together the best rhythm games for Android that will bring the fun of making music to your fingertips.

The Best Rhythm Games for Android

  1. Groove Coaster 2
  2. Arcaea
  3. Cytus II
  4. A Dance of Fire and Ice
  5. BeatX
  6. Hatsune Miku
  7. Beatstar
  8. Cytoid
  9. Muse Dash
  10. Rhythm Hive
  11. Deemo
  12. Project: Muse

Groove Coaster 2

There are more than 400 tracks and more than 2500 stages on the Groove Coaster, where you will be blown up in a galaxy of music on a roller coaster of lights and sounds. You can also play the game with your friends, featuring original tracks from Vocaloid, video games, and even custom-ordered Groove Coaster from popular artists. You can use everything as an instrument, not just the touchscreen, to play the game.

Groove Coaster 2 on Google Play


Offering a challenging arcade-style rhythm game experience featuring artists from Japan and the World, Arcaea does not require an internet connection. The game, which contains more than 160 songs from more than 100 artists, has 3 rhythm difficulty levels for each song.

Arcaea on Google Play

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Cytus II

Cytus II is one of the best rhythm games for Android, from the developers of DEEMO and VOEZ. In this story-based game based on a mysterious DJ legend Æsir, you will find over 35 songs for free and more than 70 paid songs. 

Cytus II on Google Play

A Dance of Fire and Ice

Price: $1.99

With a very simple and colorful gameplay, A Dance of Fire and Ice has 20 worlds where you will discover new shapes and rhythms every time. Although there are not many levels in the game at the moment, you can spend quality time with Speed Trials for each world and extremely fast bonus levels for the brave.

A Dance of Fire and Ice on Google Play

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You can also play BeatX, one of the best rhythm games for Android, with over 100,000 free levels and songs, Android TV and NVIDIA Shield running and background video support. The app is also able to load all (.sm), (.smzip) and(.dwi) files supporting Stops, BPM Changes, Mines, Fakes and negative BPM gimmicks.

BeatX on Google Play

Hatsune Miku

In SEGA’s successful rhythm game Hatsune Miku, you can have fun by choosing from 5 difficulty levels to suit you, either alone or with up to 4 friends. In the game, you can also collect character cards, customize your avatar, and join a virtual concert with players worldwide. 

Hatsune Miku on Google Play

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In Beatstar, one of the most popular rhythm games with over 10 million downloads, you’ll tap, swipe and touch every note to follow the rhythm to your favorite songs. You need to master songs to unlock new songs. 

Beatstar on Google Play


Cytoid, an open-source rhythm game, one of the games with the largest database with more than 4000 levels, is available in 14 languages. The game has thousands of users and a rating system where you can join events and pieces of training, unlock characters, and use storyboarding features.

Cytoid on Google Play

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Muse Dash

Price: $2.99

There are currently only 30 songs in Muse Dash, a colorful rhythm game that expresses itself as the perfect combination of a great parkour game and a traditional music game.

Muse Dash on Google Play

Rhythm Hive

Rhythm Hive, which is a very popular application, has a very large song library. The game, which is free and has successful mechanics, is based on the rotating poster events with the songs of the artists.

Rhythm Hive on Google Play

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Made by Rayark, the developer of Cytus, Deemo is one of the best rhythm apps for Android with over 10 million users and a choice of over 200 songs. In the game, you will find plenty of original piano songs in various music genres, many composed by famous composers from around the world. 

Deemo on Google Play

Project: Muse

Project: Muse, the last rhythm game on our list, is a very simple and successful production that is worth a try with its real-time key pronunciation, original Independent electronic music producer, theme-based song suggestions and multiplayer mode.

Project: Muse on Google Play

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