Spotify tests video learning courses in the UK

Spotify, known primarily for its prowess in music streaming, podcast entertainment, and audiobooks, is venturing into new territory with the introduction video learning courses. With over 600 million users worldwide, the platform is continually seeking ways to engage its audience and enhance their experience. The latest initiative sees Spotify piloting online education offerings, starting with a rollout in the U.K. 

The move marks a strategic expansion into the realm of freemium video courses, produced in collaboration with third-party partners such as the BBC and Skillshare. While at least two lessons will be available for free, complete courses are priced between £20 to £80 on average, with uniform pricing for both basic and premium users, at least for the initial phase.

According to Mohit Jitani, the London-based product director for Spotify’s education business, pricing strategies are part of the experimentation process. “With this launch, we’re trying to understand the demand first,” Jitani stated. “Then we optimize how we can make it more compelling and exciting.” 

The learning courses will be integrated into Spotify’s interface, accessible via the home and browse tabs under the designated “Courses” section. Users can access the content not only through the web interface but also via the Spotify mobile app.

The courses offered by Spotify occupy a unique space, blending elements from platforms like YouTube, Master Class, and LinkedIn Learning. Covering a diverse array of topics ranging from music production to Excel proficiency, the catalogue aims to cater to a broad spectrum of interests and skill levels. Additionally, users can explore lessons on the art of creating online learning modules, fostering a community of education creators within Spotify’s ecosystem.

While some courses may offer supplementary materials, such as additional documents, Spotify’s focus remains on delivering engaging video content. However, Jitani refrained from commenting on the potential inclusion of gamification elements in future iterations of the platform. As Spotify continues to innovate and diversify its offerings, the expansion into e-learning represents a significant step forward in the platform’s evolution, offering users yet another avenue for personal and professional growth.

Written by Sophie Blake


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